Re: The life of a child
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From: Denise
Date: Saturday, December 09, 2017 2:51 PM
To: Denise
Subject: Re: The life of a child
He hurt Gabriel so so badly and took his life ultimately but he has hurt countless others as well-- the grandparents, Gabriel's grandmother got sick and died only 9 months after Gabriel from heartbreak- her spouse said after he died she just gave up. Also his siblings- his sister is reported to be struggling so badly and feels guilt and has tried to hurt herself- she's 14.
The father of grabriel of course and his first grade teacher who said his murder caused her serious health problems.
His other family members and the little boys and girls who were his classmates
And pretty much anyone who heard what happened to him.

The jury will begin deliberating Monday around lunchtime and may only take a day or two to return their decision.

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