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This section provides links to some of our favorite sites on the Web, which will be updated regularly. If you recommend a bereavement and/or author/spiritual web site not included on these lists, we invite you to submit a recommendation via email to The ADC Project for consideration. Thanks!

  • Bereavement
    Links to web pages devoted to helping people during the grief process, including specialty bereavement support groups and organizations.
  • Life After Death
    A wide variety of web sites offering varying perspectives of life beyond physical death and survival of consciousness.
  • Spirituality
    A general assortment of links devoted to perspectives, techniques, and support for personal spiritual development.
  • Books & Authors
    Some of our favorite spiritual books and the authors' links to their personal web sites.
  • Media
    Links to spiritual and paranormal radio and television programming, as well as magazines, journals, seminar programs, spiritual tours/cruises, and more.
  • Prayer & Healing
    Web sites devoted to prayer, spiritual healing, and meditation.
  • Scientific Research
    Web sites featuring institutional and academic studies of the paranormal, rigorous skepticism, and leading edges of scientific exploration, including skeptical resources.
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