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After-Death Communications (ADCs) are probably as old as mankind. In fact, they appear in the news quite often. News articles about ADC's will periodically be added to this site. If you have come across a story about ADCs and would like to have it included here, please feel free to email it, with source information, to The ADC Project.


ADCs in the News

Father: Son's Spirit Saved My Life WLWT February 27, 2008
Dr. Phil The Dr. Phil Show December 20, 2004
Paul McCartney Believes Linda's Spirit Lives On! InfoBeat May 1, 2001
"Hello From Heaven" and The Reality of After Death Communication April 5, 2001
Bereaved Parents Find Support on the Web The Times-Record February 26, 1999
Patch Adams The ADC Project January 3, 1999
New Studies Uncover Amazing Evidence of Messages of Love from Beyond the Grave The National Enquirer December 26, 1998
For the children among the angels The Inquirer April 26, 1998
Mystery surrounds tragic accident Miami Sun-Sentinel March 3, 1998
Even after death, this friendship is still growing The Cincinnati Enquirer February 9, 1998
Dear Abby The Cincinnati Enquirer September 7, 1997
Long and painful journey is completed Rocky Mountain News March 20, 1997
Dialogue with the dead is feasible, Vatican spokesman says London Observer Service January 31, 1999
Michael Jordan USA Weekend November 15, 1996
Voice from beyond said to inspire singer Asbury Park Press October 10, 1996
Michael Landon's daughter: The National Enquirer October 8, 1996
Lottery dream comes through The Cincinnati Enquirer October 5, 1993
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