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New Studies Uncover Amazing Evidence of Messages of Love from Beyond the Grave

CONTACT with the spirit world can come in visions, dreams, phone calls, even phantom touches and odors, say researchers.

By Gwen Carden
The National Enquirer

If you've ever gotten a message from a dead friend or relative you're not alone -- millions of everyday people have received them, according to top parapsychologists Bill and Judy Guggenheim, authors of the groundbreaking book, Hello From Heaven!

Based on over 10 years of study and more than 5,000 cases of "after death communications," or ADCs, the Guggenheims conclude that such messages are almost always loving and sometimes life-saving.

"If you've had an ADC you're not crazy -- we estimate 50 million people [Americans] from all walks of life have had them," Judy told the Enquirer.

"These messages are usually loving and comforting," added Bill. "Deceased loved ones often communicate to ease the pain of grieving survivors. They also bring useful messages and sometimes warn the living of danger."

The Guggenheims said messages from the dead can come in many forms, including visions, dreams, phone calls, and phantom touches or odors. Here are some of the most fascinating cases from their files:

'Lock the windows'

A college student dreamed of her dead grandfather. In the dream the old man urgently screamed, "Lock the windows! You're supposed to remember to take care of yourself!" The girl woke and locked the windows, including one over the fire escape. Later that night a man came up the fire escape and broke into a room nearby.

'It's beautiful over here'

A woman had a vision of her father who said, "It's all right, honey. It's beautiful over here, so don't you worry." He laughed, adding "Now I don't have to pay for all that furniture your mom and sister bought." Within minutes she got a phone call saying her father had just died of a heart attack. And not long afterward, she received a letter from her mother saying she and the sister had bought a house full of furniture right before her father died!

'A secret from beyond'

A woman was visited by a dead male friend who asked her to tell his wife to look for an insurance policy she didn't know about hidden in a chest in the bedroom. When his wife looked, the policy was there.

'A guardian angel'

A woman with a 9-month-old baby woke one night to see the figure of her dead mother standing in the doorway looking worried. The figure led the way to the baby's bedroom and motioned for the woman to enter, then disappeared. The woman checked on her baby, found she was choking on a piece of plastic, and was able to save her!

'Her father's voice'

A California woman heard the voice of her dead father urge her to check on her elderly mother's financial situation. She discovered that her mom was being robbed of thousands by a young neighbor who was signing her name to blank checks!

The Guggenheims urge ENQUIRER readers who have had ADCs to talk about them. "Be courageous and share it with others in your family," Judy said. "You never know how deeply this might touch the heart of a family member and help them heal, too."

This article was published by The National Enquirer on December 26, 1998 and was written by Gwen Carden.

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