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Voice from beyond said to inspire singer

By Associated Press
Asbury Park Press

NEW YORK -- Barbra Streisand says her inspiration for the movie "Yentl" came from her father -- who spoke to her from beyond the grave.

Streisand, whose father died when she was 15 months old, says in the November issue of George that she received two messages from her father at a seance in 1979, four years before "Yentl" was released.

"The first one was 'Sorry,' which was astounding because I was angry at him for leaving me," she said. "The second message was 'Sing proud.' I know it sounds crazy, but it was my father telling me to have the courage of my convictions. I made 'Yentl.' And I did sing proud."

At the time, Streisand said she was trying to decide whether to direct and star in "Yentl," a story of a Jewish girl who disguises herself as her dead brother Anshel so she can study to become a rabbi.

A few days before the seance, she made her first visit to her father's grave, which was next to that of a man named Anchel.

"To me this was a sign that I should make this movie," said Streisand, who appears on the cover of the political magazine dressed as Betsy Ross.

This article was published by Asbury Park Press on October 10, 1996 and was written by Associated Press.

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