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The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. on Fox, episode: Father Knows Best starring Bruce Campbell (rerun) Brisco attempts to rescue 15-year-old Jason (Jason Marsden) who was kidnapped by John Bly (Billy Drago).

His deceased father, Marshal Brisco County Sr. (R. Lee Ermey), who was killed in the line of duty, makes seven full appearances to him to assist him. His father also assures him, saying, "Brisco, do you think you're ever out of my sight? Out of my heart? … I love you, son."


All My Children: a daytime soap on ABC (February 3, 1989) While she is dying in the hospital, Cindy promises her young son, Scott, that she'll see him "later on." Shortly after she dies, she keeps her promise and makes a full appearance to him in his bedroom that evening.

She reassures him that she loves him, tells him that everything will be all right, and kisses him good night. Walking towards the door, Cindy pauses and turns to look at Scott one last time, then slowly fades as he falls asleep.


Days Of Our Lives: a daytime soap on NBC (April 14, 1989) The diary of a young Civil War woman, Emily, reveals her fear and despair at being pregnant and alone. In answer to her prayer, her deceased lover, Gideon, makes a full appearance in the uniform of a Union officer.

He tells her not to be afraid and not to touch him. He urges her to never lose hope, for he will always be with her. After Gideon leaves, Emily feels a weight lift, and has the courage to go on with her life.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on CBS, starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando (December 18, 1993) On Christmas eve, Dr. Mike encounters Charlotte Cooper (Diane Ladd), the midwife who died over a year earlier and whose children she adopted. In the vein of A Christmas Carol, Dr. Mike is shown scenes of Christmas eve in her past, present, and possible future by Charlotte.


Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman on CBS, starring Jane Seymour and Joe Lando (October 30, 1993) Sully's deceased wife, Abigail (Megan Gallivan), appears three times to Dr. Mike and expresses her anger and jealousy about having died at such a young age. She also wants Dr. Mike to move out of Sully's house and give up her relationship with him.


Family Ties on NBC, starring Meredith Baxter-Birney, Michael Gross, and Michael J. Fox (rerun) Alex Keaton's friend, Greg, is killed in an automobile accident. He makes two full appearances to Alex and communicates with him.

This causes Alex to review his life and relationships, confront his fear of death, and question his spiritual beliefs in this insightful two-part show.


Growing Pains on ABC, starring Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns, and Kirk Cameron (rerun) Mike's Uncle Bob (James Callahan) makes two full appearances in the kitchen. The second time Uncle Bob asks Mike to remember him and gives him a small towel. They hug good-bye and Uncle Bob fades away.


Harts Of The West on CBS, starring Beau Bridges and Harley Jane Kozak (December 11, 1993) Auggie (Saginaw Grant), a Comanche Indian, plans to die on his 60th birthday and join his deceased wife, Helen. He makes his preparations on the Harts' property where his wife was buried.

Helen makes a full appearance to Auggie and tells him that it's not his time, that he still has lots to do and should savor life, not waste it. She also says she misses him and will be waiting for him when it is his time. Auggie kisses Helen's hand, and she disappears as she walks away.


Heaven Help Us: syndicated, starring Melinda Clarke, John Schneider, and Ricardo Montalban (August 28, 1994) In this premiere episode, Lexy and Doug Monroe are killed in a plane crash while on their honeymoon, and they meet Mr. Shepherd who tells them they must "earn their wings" to enter heaven. Their first assignment on earth is to help Lexy's bereaved parents (Shirley Jones and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) who are separating after a 30-year marriage. At their memorial service, Doug's friend sees him briefly, and later Lexy's father sees her for a moment in his office. At the conclusion, Doug and Lexy arrange a reunion for her parents, and Lexy places a sentimental necklace around her mother's neck.


The Hidden Room on Lifetime Television, episode: Let Death Do Us Part starring Barbara Williams, Geordie Johnson, and Chris Potter (December 7, 1991) Clare receives a red rose from her deceased husband, Tom, six months after his death.

Tom makes a series of full appearances to Clare and they have several conversations. However, Clare chooses to develop a relationship with a new man in her life, Dan, who is flesh and blood, and she and Tom part lovingly.


Highway To Heaven on NBC, episode: Jonathan Smith Goes To Washington starring Michael Landon and Victor French, and featuring Eddie Albert (rerun) A powerful U. S. Senator dies suddenly of a heart attack. He keeps his promise and visits his daughter and son-in-law at the hospital following the birth of their son.

She has an olfactory ADC when she smells the aroma of his cigar, and breaks into a large joyful-tearful smile.


Jack's Place on ABC, episode: Everything Old Is New Again starring Hal Linden, Finola Hughes, and John Dye (June 9, 1992) A young widower, Rick (George Clooney), is making plans to marry his fiancée when his deceased wife, Kim (Courtney Thorne-Smith), makes a series of appearances to him. As only he can see and communicate with her, Rick becomes very confused until they say a final "good-bye."


Knots Landing: a prime time soap on CBS, episode: My Bullet (February 1, 1990) Gregg (William Devane) is visited by his murdered daughter, Mary-Frances, and his deceased father. Both make a series of full appearances and have two-way conversations with him.


Lonesome Dove: a mini series starring Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Danny Glover, and Diane Lane – book by Larry McMurtry (1985), teleplay by Bill Wittliff (1988) In this frontier epic Josh Deets, a tracker, is killed by an Indian boy with a lance.

Pea Eye, a wrangler – wounded, exhausted, and lost on the plains – tries to find his way back to the cattle drive. Deets appears to him at night, inspiring and guiding him across the range.


Married ... With Children on Fox, starring Ed O'Neill and Katey Sagal (rerun) Al Bundy is devastated when he learns that his wife, Peg, sold the collection of Playboy magazines his father left to him. His father makes a full appearance to Al, orders him to get the magazines back, and slowly fades from view.


M*A*S*H on CBS, episode: Follies of the Living, Concerns of the Dead starring Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan, and Loretta Swit (1982, rerun) Private Jimmy Weston (Kario Salem) is beyond medical help and dies. His soul or spirit rises out of his body, but no one can see or hear him throughout the show except Cpl. Klinger (Jamie Farr) who has a high fever from a kidney infection. At the conclusion, Pvt. Weston is met by another deceased soldier and they walk off together.


M*A*S*H on CBS, episode: Trick or Treatment starring Alan Alda, Mike Farrell, Harry Morgan, and Loretta Swit (1982, rerun) On Halloween night, Colonel Sherman Potter relates his wife, Mildred, had a sleep-state ADC in which her brother, Calvin, came into her room, sat on the end of her bed, and shook his head sadly. The next morning she learned Calvin had died of a heart attack – and Mildred's sister, Louise, had the same "dream."


Melrose Place on Fox, episode: Holiday On Ice starring Heather Locklear as Amanda (December 19, 1994). Bruce (Stanley Kamel), who took his own life, returns to Amanda, blames her for his death, and confronts her for her selfishness. In a variation of A Christmas Carol, Bruce takes Amanda into her past as a little girl abandoned by her father at Christmas, and to her possible lonely funeral in the future. Amanda is penitent and makes financial restitution to Bruce's two sons and offers Alison her job back at D & D.


The New Twilight Zone on CBS, episode: There Was An Old Woman starring Colleen Dewhurst (rerun) An author of popular children's books befriends a young boy who is terminally ill. After his death, he comes to her with a group of deceased children, and they request that she read her stories to them. They are delighted when she agrees.


Northern Exposure on CBS, starring Rob Morrow and Janine Turner (September 23, 1991) Maggie's boyfriend, Rick (Grant Goodeve), was killed by a falling satellite in an earlier show.

Maggie has an out-of-body ADC with him at a country club in "heaven" He advises her to select boyfriends who will be kinder and more faithful to her than he was.


Quantum Leap: Episode, Temptation Eyes, starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell. An Asian woman recounts that, when she was a young girl, her mother appeared in her bedroom, assured her everything would be all right, and then kissed her good-night. The next morning, the young girl saw her father crying for the first time ever. He explained that her mother had been hit and killed in her car by a drunk driver the night before. This had taken place at the exact time her mother had come to visit her in her bedroom. This is another example of someone having an ADC before learning that their loved one had died.


Reunion: a made for TV movie on CBS staring Marlo Thomas, Peter Strauss, and Matthew Kelly, based on the book, Points Of Light by Linda Grey Sexton (December 11, 1994). After her young son, Jamie, dies from being accidentally strangled by a toy, his mother, Jessie, repeatedly hears him, sees him, hugs him, and even gives him a butterfly kiss.

Although these events are virtually presented as after-death communications, none of them ring true because Jamie is never happy, he is always cold physically, and he repeatedly says to his mother, "Come with me!" In the context of the film, he means his mother should take her own life in order to join him. This movie is definitely not recommended for bereaved parents.


The Simpsons on Fox, episode: Old Money (rerun) Abraham "Grampa" Simpson receives a $106,000 inheritance from his sweetheart, Beatrice Simmons, who died of a heart attack.

When Abe isn't happy having so much money, she makes a full appearance to cheer him up while he's on a roller coaster ride at an amusement park. Bea urges him to use the money to help others, and make up with his son, Homer Simpson.


Star Trek: The Next Generation episode: Journey's End starring Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes (April 1, 1994) Cadet Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) is on leave from Starfleet Academy when he encounters a colony of North American Indians on Dorvan 5.

During a meditation exercise, Wesley sees an ADC vision of his deceased father who was a Starfleet officer when he died. He receives guidance from his father when he's told it's time to end one part of his life's journey and begin another. Wesley resigns from Starfleet Academy and starts living with the Indians where he will study with The Traveler.


Star Trek: The Next Generation episode: Dark Page starring Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes (November 5, 1993) Deanna Troi's mother, Lwaxana Troi (Majel Barrett), suffers a breakdown caused by her unresolved grief as a bereaved mother thirty years earlier. Deanna (Marina Sirtis) enters her mother's memories through a telepathic process and meets a sister she never knew she had, Kestra, who apparently drowned accidentally at about age seven when Deanna was only a baby.


Star Trek: The Next Generation episode: Where No One Has Gone Before starring Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes (1987, rerun) When the Enterprise is transported a billion light years to an uncharted place where thoughts create reality, Captain Picard encounters his deceased grandmother. She tells him, "I'm always with you," and he responds, "Yes, I felt that."


Thirtysomething: a prime time soap on ABC (April 16, 1991) Gary (Peter Horton) was killed in a traffic accident in a previous show. He makes several full appearances to his long-time friend, Michael (Ken Olin), to provide guidance, offer support, and say good-bye.


The Twilight Zone on CBS, episode: The Changing Of The Guard starring Donald Pleasence (rerun) An elderly teacher at a private boys school is forced to retire due to his age. Feeling his life has been a complete failure, he prepares to commit suicide.

Several of his former students, all of whom have died, return to intervene. They tell him about the important impact he has made on their lives and restore his self-esteem.


The Tracey Ullman Show on Fox, (1990) In one short play, You Call That A Dress?, Theresa (Tracey Ullman) is grieving alone in a funeral home beside her father's casket when he (Dan Castellaneta) makes a full appearance to her.

She expresses her anger and hurt because he didn't express his love for her during his lifetime. He asks for her forgiveness, she grants it, and they embrace. Concluding their unfinished business, her father leaves.


Walker, Texas Ranger on CBS, starring Chuck Norris (March 2, 1996) Texas Ranger Cordell Walker is suspended in the air by ropes wrapped around his wrists and left to die. He sees his deceased Native American father who is transparent and hears him say, "Don't give up son, it's not your time. It's not your time." After receiving this encouraging message, Walker climbs the ropes and frees himself.


Who's The Boss? on ABC. Episode: Operation Mona starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, and Katherine Helmond (February 13, 1990) While awaiting surgery in a hospital, Mona is visited by her deceased husband, Robert (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.).

During this full appearance, they discuss her upcoming operation and their daughter, Angela. He kisses her good-bye and assures her, "I'm with you all the time."


Who's The Boss? on ABC, starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, and Katherine Helmond (rerun). Mona and her brother, Archie, have been estranged for twenty years because she never received an invitation to his wedding – his fiancée, Laura, had removed it from the mailbox.

Now deceased, Laura makes amends on Christmas eve by appearing to Tony and tells him where to find the missing invitation. The next morning Tony finds it, Mona and Archie reconcile, and all have a joyous family gathering.


Who's The Boss? on ABC, starring Tony Danza, Judith Light, and Katherine Helmond (rerun). Tony is shown the future he could have had as a very successful and wealthy baseball player if he hadn't sustained a career-ending injury. The guide in his fantasy is his former St. Louis Cardinals baseball coach, Coach Wolff (Brandon Maggart), who is deceased.

However, even after Tony comes back to reality, he sees Coach Wolff who speaks to him briefly before he disappears.

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