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American Health: Mysticism Goes Mainstream by Father Andrew Greeley (January/February, 1987). Based upon a survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Council (NORC), Father Greeley reports, "Nearly half of American adults (42%) now believe they have been in contact with someone who has died." And that 67% of widows have had contact with their deceased husband.

This article, excerpted in The Orlando Sentinel on January 13, 1987, was given to us by Debra Davis, R.N., Hospice of Central Florida, who did not know of our interest in this subject.


Bereavement Magazine: Awakened by an Angel by Carolyn A. Gean (July/August, 1994). Carolyn learned on Christmas day, 1993 that her 21-year-old son, Anthony Botello, a LCPL in the U. S. Marine Corps, had been killed by a sniper in Mogadishu, Somalia.

One night, several weeks or months later, Carolyn was awakened when she felt someone sit on her bed at 2:00. She saw Anthony smiling and dressed in camouflage fatigues as he said to her, "Mom, I'm okay. I told you I'd be okay." before he left suddenly.


Bereavement Magazine: Matt's Butterfly by Bob Pano (May/June, 1994). After his 18-year-old son, Matt, died very suddenly of bacterial meningitis, Bob's daughter, Penny had a symbolic ADC with a monarch butterfly, which landed and stayed on her fingers for nearly half an hour. Later, Penny found a color photograph of a monarch which Matt had given her before he died and had handwritten his name on the back of it. These two experiences have helped this bereaved family enormously.


Bereavement Magazine: A Child of Wonder by Lynne Stylianou-Jensen (September, 1993). After her 2-year-old daughter, Caryn, died of cancer, Lynne and her family had a symbolic ADC. It involved a "special viewing" of the aurora borealis directly above their home in Golden Valley, Minnesota, and Lynne and her son, Chris, heard music too.

At the end of her article, Lynne quotes her friend and longtime hospice worker, Patty Chapman, "The dead always come back to tell their loved ones they are all right. They do it differently, depending on their own personalities, but it's always in a way that can't be mistaken."


Body, Mind & Spirit: First Contact by Bobby Mattingly (January/February, 1994). Bobby's brother, Gary, was shot and killed while he was in the Marine Corps.

A month later, Bobby was closing his store for the night when an armed robber demanded that he open the cash register. As he was planning to disarm the robber, he heard Gary's voice loudly and clearly shout, "Stop!" It was then Bobby noticed a second armed robber, an accomplice, was also in his store. This is an excellent example of an ADC for protection.


Caring Concepts: A Coffee Break Newsletter for Caring Persons is published by Centering Corporation, 1531 N. Saddle Creek Road, Omaha, NE 68104. Their Autumn and Winter, 1992 issues contain many poignant symbolic ADCs.


Eckankar Journal: A Death That Changed My Life by Rhonda Mattern (Volume 18, 1994) Being extremely upset when she learned that Sophie, the mother of her former husband, had committed suicide, Rhonda entered a meditative state and had a very pleasant and evidential ADC with her former mother-in-law.


Fate: A regular feature in this monthly magazine, My Proof Of Survival, usually contains 4 or 5 letters from readers. A high percentage of these firsthand accounts appear to be valid ADCs.


Fate: Contact With The Dead: A Common Experience? by Julian Burton (April, 1982). Julian had an ADC with his mother that inspired him to return to college at age 42 and obtain his doctorate in psychology. He conducted ADC research for his dissertation and shares some of his findings in this article.


Guideposts: White Bird by Antoinette Bosco (September, 1996). After her son, Peter, died by suicide due to mental illness, Antoinette had a series of symbolic ADCs with cardinals that began on Easter Day. Because her grief was so intense, she wanted more proof and asked God to send her a white bird as a sign that her son was at peace. Though white birds are very rare in Connecticut, she saw one exactly a month after Peter's death. And a few weeks later her daughter and grandson, who live nearby, also apparently saw the same rare white bird.


Guideposts: This Christian family magazine is published monthly. A regular feature, His Mysterious Ways, in the January, 1996 issue contains a report from Patti Bohlman, who lives in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. One night in the winter of 1978, Patti heard her mother say, "Patti, get up!" This warned her of a fire in her two-bedroom trailer that eventually burned to the ground after she got out of it. Her mother had died in March of the previous year.

 A series of five articles titled, Reaching Beyond – Reassurance for the Here and After ran from November, 1988 through March, 1989. Two stories contain ADCs:

The Reassurance by Nancy L. Cole (January, 1989). Nancy's troubled daughter, Amee, died from a toxic reaction to a prescribed drug at age twenty-two. Later, when Nancy wanted a sign that Amee was in heaven, she had a beautiful symbolic ADC that involved a sparrow.

When she went to place a small tail feather from the bird in one of her daughter's journals, she found Amee had written, "I wish I was a tiny sparrow sheltered in God's hand."

The Promise by Nikki McFaul (December, 1988). Nikki's friend, Gloria Marshall, died of cancer on Christmas morning. That night Nikki awake from sleep and felt a weight on the end of her bed. She also felt "a peculiar warmth" in her room and knew Gloria was there.

In the morning, her six-year-old son, Colin, asked her why Gloria (his Sunday school teacher) had been sitting on his bed smiling at him during the night.


Ladies Home Journal: Remembering The Challenger by Kathryn Casey (January, 1996). Connie Knapp was a close friend of astronaut Judy Resnik, who died aboard the Challenger when it exploded shortly after being launched on January 28, 1986. Connie states about her friend, "Just after she died, I had this vision of Judy. She appeared to me with a big smile on her face."


Lutheran Woman's Quarterly: I Wanted People to Show They Really Cared by Jerry Jonas (Summer, 1992). Jerry became a bereaved mother when her only two sons, Leon Jr. and Wayne, were killed when their car was hit by a tractor trailer. Shortly afterwards, she heard each of her boys speak to her: "Mom, I'm all right." (Wayne) and "Mom, I'm home." (Leon, Jr.).


MADDVOCATE: Published by Mothers Against Drunk Driving. This May Sound Crazy … by Janice Lord (Spring, 1991). This 4-page article presents a good variety of ADCs in the section, Messages from Heaven, along with other mystical experiences that Janice has collected from members of MADD.

Follow-up articles, More Mystical Experiences and Mystical Experiences: More Parting Gifts …, are in the Winter, 1991 and Summer, 1992 issues.


McCalls: How Your Dreams Can Heal You by Annie Gottlieb (July, 1994). Annie presents three dramatic ADC experiences, cites research by Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D. and Melvin L. Morse, M.D., and gives a brief description of "three schools of thought on dreams and visions of the dead:" the spiritualist view, the psychological view, and the soul view.


Nursing: Coming Out Of The Dark by Linda Houlberg, RN, BSN (February, 1992). Linda describes how she escorted her patient and friend, Virginia, to the light, even before she learned of her death.


People: The Bee Gees Search For Life After Disco by Cutler Durkee and Jonathan Cooper (August 7, 1989). Singer Andy Gibb died in 1988 at age 25 from a heart ailment. His three older brothers – Barry, Maurice, and Robin – comprise the popular musical group, The Bee Gees.

Maurice heard Andy call out, "Hey Buddy!" a phrase he often used while alive. Linda Gibb, Barry's wife, felt Andy's kiss and saw him smiling at her.


People: The Drama Behind Mask by Michelle Green and Dirk Mathison (March 18, 1985). Rocky Dennis was born with a very rare disease which distorted his face and caused his death at age 16. His story inspired the Peter Bogdanovich film, Mask, starring Cher and Eric Stoltz.

A year after his death, Rocky made a full appearance to his mother, Rusty, and communicated with her briefly.


People: One Year Later, Jehan Sadat Reflects On Her Loss And On Her Husband's Enduring Legacy by Mira Avrech (October 18, 1982). Jehan Sadat is the widow of President Anwar Sadat of Egypt who was assassinated in 1981.

In this interview, she asserts that her deceased husband returned, and she saw and touched him as he lay next to her in bed, smiling at her. She also reports their son, Gamal, a 25-year-old chemical engineer, heard his father's voice clearly and received a message from him that he is "...extremely happy and relaxed."


Reader's Digest: Lucky Penny by Irene Virag – condensed from Newsday – (November, 1988). Her grandmother taught her how to find "a lucky penny" when she was a little girl. The first one was at the cemetery where her grandfather was buried. She found her next penny six months later, on the day of her grandmother's funeral.

Now Irene usually finds "pennies from Grandma" when she's troubled or has an important decision to make. She's found thousands of them, and every time she does, she thinks of her grandmother – thus having a very long series of symbolic ADCs.


Reader's Digest: I Still See Him Everywhere by Richard Morsilli, with Jo Coudert (July, 1984). While walking near his home in Warwick, RI, Todd Morsilli, age 13, was hit and killed by a drunk driver – a 17-year-old girl who had been drinking since 10:00 am.

Todd's family had a symbolic ADC two days later when a fox came to their home, stood on their patio, and stared at their kitchen window before it slowly walked away. Later that day, they learned their son's name, Todd, means "fox."


Sharing & Healing: My Gift From God by Nancy Owens (April-June, 1994). Nancy's 16-year-old son, Chad, died by suicide. Two days after his death, Chad appeared to his mother in a sleep-state ADC saying, "Mom, I'm so happy and it's so beautiful here … Don't blame yourself and tell Dad not to blame himself."

About seven months later, on the anniversary of his birthday, she felt her son's presence and heard him say, "Don't be sad, Mom, I'm so happy."


Venture Inward: Our Consoling Visitor by Judy Cosgrove (January/February, 1994). Judy's oldest son, Michael, struggled with chemical imbalances and mental illness most of his life, and he died by suicide at age 24. This article reports a full appearance with communication that Michael made to his younger brother, Steven, and it contains Judy's conclusions about this lengthy ADC experience.


Venture Inward: The Promise by Thomas S. Gill (July/August, 1993). After his friend and mentor, John, died, Thomas saw him in a brief vision. On the same day, the author's wife, Jennifer, also saw John, who held her hand and spoke to her when she had an out-of-body experience.



The Cincinnati Enquirer: Lottery dream comes through by Adam Weintraub (October 5, 1993). Teri Bonfield's friend, Tina Siegel, died of cancer at age 24. When Tina appeared to Teri in a sleep-state ADC, she her gave her a set of six numbers (10-15-16-17-18-42), which Teri later played in the Ohio Super Lotto. Teri and three friends held the winning ticket and split the $20 million jackpot.


Deseret News: After-Death Communication by Elaine Jarvik (Salt Lake City, UT, October 30, 1992) A review of our ADC research in general, the twelve categories of ADC experiences, why they are real, and how they provide evidence for life after death.


The Leader-Post: Communing with the dead by George Bentley (Regina, SK, October 29, 1994) This article covers our after-death communication research in general and includes the twelve categories of ADC experiences. Much of this story is based upon the one in The Orlando Sentinel, Do the dead 'communicate'? by Harry Wessel , June 30, 1992.


Miami Herald: Dream ticket – Lotto winner: Dead daughter told me to play (July 7, 1988). Michael Gabriele Sr.'s deceased 23-year-old daughter, Cheryl, came to him in a sleep-state ADC about a month after her death in New Jersey. She said to him, "Why don't you play the numbers? I'd like to bring you a little happiness."

When he awoke, he remembered that a New Jersey lottery slip had been found in her car. He obtained those six numbers and bought one Florida Lotto ticket on Saturday. That night he won the $10.5 million first prize.


The Orlando Sentinel: (March 18, 1995) A story from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer relates that well-known singer, Carly Simon, recorded a song she wrote, Like A River, as a tribute to her mother who died about a year earlier. Apparently referring to a tactile ADC Carly experienced, her words state, "Last night, I swear I could feel you / Moving through my room / And I thought you touched my feet / I so want it to be true."


The Orlando Sentinel: Ann Landers (February 23, 1994) A reader in Florida reports she was sitting in the passenger seat of a car when she saw the face of her niece, who died thirty-five years earlier. Her husband, who had fallen asleep at the wheel, woke up and lost control of the car, which spun around but wasn't hit by oncoming traffic. She believes her niece is their guardian angel who protected them from being killed.


The Orlando Sentinel: Do the dead 'communicate'? by Harry Wessel (June 30, 1992). This balanced article features our ADC research and includes accounts from several people we interviewed. It also provides opposing explanations of such experiences.

This story was syndicated by Knight-Ridder News Service and appeared in the following newspapers: Akron Beacon Journal (Akron, OH 7/11), The Arizona Republic (Phoenix, AZ 8/9), Asbury Park Press (Asbury Park, NJ 7/26), Beaver County Times (Beaver, PA 9/27), The Bradenton Herald (Bradenton, FL 8/19), Calgary Herald (Calgary, AB 7/20), Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC 8/25), Daily Press (Newport News, VA 7/17), Dayton Daily News (Dayton, OH 7/21), The Gazette (Montreal, PQ 7/11), Journal Star (Peoria, IL 10/18), The Macon Telegraph (Macon, GA 8/16), The News Tribune (Tacoma, WA 8/3), The Post-Star (Glens Falls, NY 7/12), Press-Telegram (Long Beach, CA 7/19), The Record (Hackensack, NJ 7/14), St. Louis Post-Dispatch (St. Louis, MO 7/22), The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, WA 7/26), Sun Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale, FL 7/18), The Toronto Star (Toronto, ON 7/10), and the Yakima Herald-Republic (Yakima, WA 10/25) – and possibly in additional newspapers in 1992 as well.


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 'I Love You – Bye-Bye' by Kim Bell (on the front page, April 27, 1992). Five-year-old Ashley Dile was the lone survivor of a two-car collision that killed seven people, including her mother and 11-month-old brother, Daniel. Found unconscious and in a coma for 15 days, Ashley didn't know of their deaths.

According to her grandparents, shortly after she awoke from her coma on Easter day, "Ashley turned her head to the hospital wall and, in a soft voice, began talking with someone who wasn't there. She smiled, waved, and said, "I love you, Mom. I love you, Daniel. Bye-bye."


St. Petersburg Times: 'Mom, I'm all right' by Diane Mason (July 19, 1989). Diane attended the two workshops we facilitated at the 12th annual national conference of The Compassionate Friends in Tampa, Fl. She interviewed a number of the workshop participants and included a variety of their ADC experiences in her long article.


The Seattle Times: Hearing from the deceased by Elizabeth Rhodes (October 8, 1991). This article combines the research of Bonnie Lindstrom, the director of 3 hospices in Tucson, Arizona, and our research. A number of excellent ADCs are included.

This story was also syndicated by Knight-Ridder News Service and appeared in The Hartford Courant (Hartford, CN 11/25), The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA 10/14), The Tampa Tribune (Tampa, FL 10/29), and The Waterbury Republican-American (Waterbury, CN 10/17) – and possibly in additional newspapers in 1991 as well.


The Times: Supernatural events off the silver screen by Larry Fricks (Gainesville, GA, December 16, 1990) A comparison of the movies, Ghost and Always, with the real life ADC experiences of Fran Ferguson after her daughter, Terry, was murdered. This article also refers to the research of Dr. William Roll, Dr. Alan Wolfelt, and Bill Guggenheim.


The Toronto Star: Life-after-death encounter should give doubters pause by Tom Harpur (March 17, 1991) A bereaved father hears his daughter's voice and sees her on Christmas day, 1990, the day after she died of injuries sustained in an automobile accident.


Television Programs

Angels: The Mysterious Messengers with hostess Patty Duke, NBC (May 24, 1994) Though this program was primarily about angels, a couple of accounts included ADCs. One involved 15-year-old Tara Moore who died in an automobile accident. She later appeared to her grandmother, Helen Souter, who was very worried one evening about her family members when they were late returning home from a trip. Tara said to her, "I just came to walk you through this. They will be home." They returned safely a short while later, just as Tara had assured her.


Beyond and Back is a 1978 documentary which offers numerous forms of evidence of life after death by providing recreations of near-death experiences and other spiritual phenomena. It contains three instances of people seeing the soul leave the body of their loved one who was dying, including an account of the famous author of Little Women, Louisa May Alcott, who saw the soul leave the body of her dying sister.


A Current Affair with hosts Penny Daniels and Steve Dunleavy, syndicated (February 28, 1995). Segment: Heaven Sent. Michael Landon's eldest daughter, Cheryl Landon, reported that her deceased father speaks to her during her dreams and turned a light on in the middle of the night. He also guided her to walk along a road in Central Park and led her to find a long-stem red rose near the base of a fountain that has a statue of Michael the Archangel.


Phil Donahue Show syndicated (April 1, 1994) – Topic: Do You Believe In Angels? While driving rapidly on a four-lane road, June Procopio heard her two deceased sons, her "guardian angels," in the back seat of her car say, "Hey, Mom! Slow down and watch the sunset!" She applied her brakes quickly and stopped at a red light. The car next to her continued through the light and had a serious head-on accident. She also saw her sons in her rearview mirror.

Scott Degenhardt reported his father made an appearance to him, before he learned of his death, just after her died of cancer.


Eye On Tampa Bay with hostess Kathy Fountain on WTVT, Channel 13, Tampa, FL (May 4, 1992). Topic: After-Death Communications with Linda Georgian, Judy Guggenheim, Bill Guggenheim, and a live studio audience. We believe this is the first television program in Florida that was devoted primarily to ADCs.


From the Files of 'Unsolved Mysteries:' Voice from the Grave on NBC (April 22, 1996) Rene Perkins (Megan Ward), had a series of very unusual ADCs with her deceased female coworker, Terry Deveroux (Kim Dickens), who had died in what was believed to have been an accidental fire. Terry stated that she had actually been murdered, and she supplied enough information about the man who had robbed and killed her first, before he set the fire, that the police were able to charge him with the crime. This teleplay was based upon an actual murder that had been committed in Chicago.


Good Day! with hostess Rebecca Randall on WOFL, Channel 35, Orlando, FL (November 13, 1992). Topic: After-Death Communications with Judy Guggenheim and Bill Guggenheim.


Impact with hostess Carolyn Fennell on WOFL, Channel 35, Orlando, FL (July 11 & 12, 1992; July 18 & 19, 1992). Topic: After-Death Communications with Judy Guggenheim and Bill Guggenheim. Two back-to-back shows on our ADC research.


Miracles and Other Wonders CBS, hosted by Darren McGavin (June 5, 1992). In the first of several true accounts, Janet is a financially strapped young widow after her husband, Robert, is killed in an auto crash by a drunk driver. She receives a written message from Robert through their 4-year-old son, Teddy, who can neither read nor write. Janet is guided to a safe deposit box where she finds $925 in cash and a life insurance policy that will pay her $200,000.


Northwest Afternoon with hosts Elisa Jaffe and Dick Foley on KOMO, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (April 19, 1993). Topic: After-Death Communication with three ADC experiencers, Judy Guggenheim (by telephone), and a live studio audience.


Northwest Afternoon with hosts Dana Middleton and Dick Foley on KOMO, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (May 10, 1989). Topic: After-Death Communication with two ADC experiencers, Bill Guggenheim (by telephone), and a live studio audience.


The Other Side with host Dr. Will Miller, syndicated (December 16, 1994) – Featuring Melvin Morse, M.D. and his latest book, Parting Visions. Hospice nurse Sumner described an external ADC vision she saw of her 8-year-old patient, Matthew Fisher, after he died of heart defects. While driving home in her car shortly after Matt's death, she saw him dressed in radiant white clothes as he was holding the hand of a man who was possibly Jesus. Matt spoke to her by telepathy and said, "I'm all right now. It's okay, I'm all right."

Patti Eggleston described seeing her deceased husband, John, who helped her rescue their two young sons when their car plunged into an icy river, and reported later seeing him sitting on a couch in her home and communicating with him by telepathy (see longer version of this account on Unsolved Mysteries, May 4, 1994).

Roxanne Sumners reported waking up at night and seeing the face of her grandmother which was surrounded by light. Her grandmother, who lived 1,000 miles away said, "I'm tired. It hurts too much. I have to go now. I will always be here when you need me." Roxanne learned two days later that her grandmother had died at about the same time she had this ADC experience.


The Other Side with host Dr. Will Miller, syndicated (November 25, 1994) – Topic: Communicating With The Dead. Alicia Killebrew reported she saw and communicated with her deceased grandmother who climbed into her bed and hugged her. When Suzanne Cole was 14 years old, she asked her recently deceased grandfather for a sign and the bulb in the lamp on her dresser immediately burned out which frightened her, but two weeks later he began coming to her in a series of loving sleep-state ADCs. Lily Vickson stated she received an ADC phone call on her birthday 3 months her father died; he said, "Happy Birthday, Baby. I love you." and the telephone went dead. The night before Sandy Fincher had breast surgery for cancer, her mother came to her in a sleep-state ADC 18 years after she died and assured her, "You'll be all right. Quit worrying!"


Rolonda syndicated (July 24, 1996) – Topic: Communicating With The Dead. Anne Puryear, author of Stephen Lives!, and Shirley Enebrad recounted after-death communications with their deceased sons, and four other guests and several members of the audience discussed ADCs they have had. Anne and a psychic, Char, described ways of preparing to have an ADC, and Rolonda repeatedly mentioned an experience she had had with her deceased Aunt Flo.


Sally Jessy Raphael syndicated (December 1, 1989) Topic: I Was Too Young To Lose My Wife. This show featured 4 young widowers. One of them, Bill Rosenberg, described a symbolic ADC.

As the casket containing the body of his wife, Julie, was being lowered into the ground at the cemetery, a huge yellow butterfly flew up from the bottom of the grave. It flew over to Bill, then passed by several other family members. Each of them felt uplifted by their special experience.


The Shirley Show with host Shirley Solomon, syndicated (February 18, 1994) – Topic: Re-Uniting With Your Dead Loved Ones. Several people on the panel – Scott Degenhardt, Paulette Ensign, Laurie O'Donohue, and Carol Poole – describe a variety of ADC experiences they've had with their deceased family members. The primary guests were Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D. who spoke about his new book, Reunions, and Dianne Arcangel.


Sightings with host Tim White, syndicated (week of November 28, 1994) – Segment: Messages From Stephen with Anne Puryear, her two daughters, and Bill Guggenheim. Anne speaks of receiving extensive messages from her 15-year-old son, Stephen, who committed suicide 20 years ago that she wrote about in her book, Stephen Lives! Stephen's two sisters recount ADCs they had with him, and Bill comments on after-death communications in general.


Sightings with host Tim White, syndicated (week of September 19, 1994) – Segment: Schoolroom Angel. David and Doris Young held 153 children and teachers hostage for ransom at Cokeville Elementary School, Cokeville, Wyoming in 1987. Several children reported feeling peace and comfort as they were being protected by their "guardian angels" when a bomb detonated that killed only the Youngs. These included 7-year-old Katie Walker who identified her maternal grandmother who had died 13 years earlier and Nathan Hartley who stated he had been protected by his Great Grandmother Elliott who had died in 1983.


Speak Out with host Al Rantel on WLRN, Channel 17, Miami, FL (February 14, 1991). Topic: Life After Death with John Audette, Dr. Alexander Bannatyne, Dr. Jack Kapchan, Bill Guggenheim, and a live studio audience. This was a one-hour discussion of near-death experiences, regression therapy, ADCs, and other evidence for survival beyond physical death.


Town Meeting with host Ken Schram on KOMO, Channel 4, Seattle, WA (March 1, 1992). Topic: After Death Communication with Gerri Haynes, Barbara Howard, Bill Guggenheim, and a live studio audience. We believe this is the first 1-hour television program – aired anywhere – that was devoted exclusively to ADCs.


Unsolved Mysteries NBC, hosted by Robert Stack (December 9, 1994) Frank and Teresa Wilson had been married 34 years before he died of a heart attack at age 59 in 1960. One of their seven children, Margaret Loch, planned a surprise party for her mother's 80th birthday in 1982, and began organizing a "memory book" which would contain letters from Frank and Teresa's seven children and their many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

One night, Margaret awoke and saw her deceased father standing in her bedroom, twenty-two years after his death. He dictated a love letter to his beloved wife, who he alone had ever called "Tress," and his daughter wrote it down verbatim. Part of the letter reads: "I love you more as each day brings us closer together. Stay a while though, I'll wait forever … Happy birthday, Sweetheart." When she received the book of letters at her birthday party, Teresa recognized the evidential words Frank had used, though Margaret didn't know they contained special meaning.


Unsolved Mysteries NBC, hosted by Robert Stack (May 4, 1994). Segment: After-death Visits. Patti Eggleston and her two sons survived an automobile accident on January 28, 1989, though her husband, John, was killed. Patti later felt John's presence in her bed numerous times. Eventually he made a full appearance to her and they communicated by telepathy. He continued to contact her for nearly a year, until she regained her strength and could carry on without him.

On April 14, 1984, Paige Roark was hit and killed by a drunk driver when she was 18 years old. Her mother, Cynthia, was out jogging two days later when she heard (and possibly saw) Paige say, "I'm okay, Mom … I'm with the Lord and I'm okay." Paige also made a full appearance to her grandmother, Dorothy Sterling, and they had a brief two-way conversation.

Researcher Melvin Morse, M.D. stated that he believes death-related visions and post-death visitations are real, and are not merely grief-induced hallucinations.


Radio Stations

CHQR: QR 77 Talk Radio with Terry Moore, in Calgary, Alberta (July 30, 1992) With Bill Guggenheim and telephone calls from listeners.


KING: The Andee Beck Show in Seattle, Washington (August 8, 1992) With Bill Guggenheim and telephone calls from listeners.


KIRO: Midday with Jim French in Seattle, Washington (August 3, 1992) With Bill Guggenheim and telephone calls from listeners.


KTKK: Midday With Mills with Mills Crenshaw in Salt Lake City, Utah (October 17, 1989) With Bill Guggenheim and telephone calls from listeners.


WCTC: The Liz Maita Show in New Brunswick, New Jersey (July 31, 1992) With Bill Guggenheim and telephone calls from listeners.


WOMX: Central Florida Focus with Erica Lee in Winter Park, Florida (August 23, 1992) An interview of Judy Guggenheim and Bill Guggenheim.


WPRO-FM The Rocky Allen Show in Providence, Rhode Island (September 23, 1992) An interview of Bill Guggenheim.



Christ Church Unity, Orlando, Florida. The Sunday program of August 25, 1996 contains a section called "Unity Heartlight" that featured Sarah Bilderbeck, a member of the church, who reported: "I had a spiritual experience as I was making my bed one morning, after my sister had died 24 hours before. We would make our beds together. I did not see her or hear her, but there was a warm chuckle in the room which became a joyful laughter. I felt like I was communing with her. She must have picked up on my thoughts at that particular time. A warm and wonderful feeling came over me."


Zellwood United Methodist Church, Zellwood, Florida. To our knowledge, the first sermon based upon ADC experiences was delivered by the guest speaker, Rev Dwight Dogget, on September 15, 1996. During his talk, "Hello From Heaven or I married an Angel," he spoke of the ADCs he had had with his deceased wife, Treva, who died of cancer after they had been married 50 years. She appeared to him looking healed and whole, in the prime of her life, and he heard her speak to him on two other occasions.

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