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Wanda Lou Richards

Wanda Lou Richards

October 1, 1935


March 3, 1997

A mother is someone you need for life, growing up, having children, becomming a wife.You were there for mr through every thing, nothing but jot to my heart you would bring. I needed you through out all my days and you were there in so many ways.When I was sick you held my hand, when I needed someone you were my closest friend.

I would like to think I was there for you too,because ther was nothing I wouldn't do for you.When I looked up one day and you were gone, I didn't think I could live, there was nothing left for me. But then something happened and I knew this was hard, but I was going to make it through. I miss you so much everyday, so much that I could die. I was just not ready to say good-bye.

Remember me always as I will rember too. I miss you mom and will always love you.

Love your daughter,


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