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James Robert George Richer

James Robert George Richer

June 30, 1982


June 22, 1997

Jamie was a person that thought of other people before himself. He was always there for me when I needed a friend. He was my best friend. He was kind and well mannered, but he was mostly known for the big heart he had. We come from a town that has 1500 people. When the news came about his accident, the town was in shock. With over 300 at his funeral, it showed how much he was loved by all. I will miss him and I know I will see him again someday. Somehow it eases the grief knowing and believing that. I get little signs around me from time to time, that let me know he is with me.
I love you Jamie, and thank you for the 14 years I had with you. You made a change in everyone you came across, including me. You will never be forgotten.
Love your best friend and mom,

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