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Harold Jack Richards
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Harold Jack Richards

Harold Jack Richards

February 19, 1954


November 4, 1997

My Brother;
How quickley you left us. I wasn't there with you, and how terrible I feel for that. There is such of an emptiness with all of you gone. The pain and grief from losing so many family members with in a short period of time. Harold, I love you,and miss you so much. There is no one to go to for help and advice that you always gave to each and every one of us.Your children will never get over the loss of you. Harold you were so special, I want the world to know what you were like. If any body needed any thing you were always there.You never let your family go without. If you knew someone was hungry you bought them food. You donated money to schools, 4-hers, and you helped the hungry at Christmas.You gave the last 6 months of your life to our mom and dad, the home that us kids grew up in. Harold there never will be someone as you. And I am sure that me your sister will try and live up to you,but the greatest gift is your children. How they will follow in your footsteps.We all know family is our priority, and we will never forget that.We love you and miss you always and forever.
Renee and your children, Jessica, Cassie, Jason, Missy, Jack, Kelsey, and your wife, Joyce

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