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I have been conforted getting signs from my son and from this site, Thankyou
Freeville, New York, United States
February 8, 2011
My mother passed away on 2nd Feb,2011.from that time i have tears---but only of i treated my mother- i heard yr song,it gave me such a peace within my heart. i have friends in usa,whom i will request to send me yr book as soon as possible. Till then i need yr prayers to support me.
Lahore., Pakistan
February 6, 2011
I love your song and listen to it often. Hello From Heaven! Thank you for providing us with a wonderful place to come to.ADCs really help me but, I always want more. Again,Thank you Love and comfort
Apache Junction, Arizona, United States
January 26, 2011
I had 2 experiences that were years apart and I will never forget them.
Columbus, New Mexico, United States
January 23, 2011
Hi,I've never had a NDE but love reading about them and watching videos of personal experiences on youtube. I hope to actually meet and be able to sit down and talk with someone who has had one. I believe ( this may sound strange ) that NDEs and all of the research may soon become the new " religion " of our time. I mean no disrespect. I am just searching for the truth.
Columbus, Ohio, United States
January 17, 2011
Dear Bill and Judy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your thought-provoking, inspiring, beautifully written book, Hello from Heaven. My 36-year-old brother, Tom, passed away unexpectedly the day after Thanksgiving this past year. My 18-year-old daughter and I experienced a visit from him four days after he passed. Even though we knew what we saw was real, Hello from Heaven has validated our experience. Neither of us had ever experienced anything like this prior. Losing my brother was such a devastating event in my entire family's lives. My parents were inconsolable after his death, or rather his "transition." Although hearing of my ADC and reading your book has not taken away the everyday pain of him being absent from our lives, it has given my parents the comfort they needed to know Tom is okay and he would want them to go on living until their journey is done. It has given all of us the hope that we will all be together again. I cannot tell you what a wonderful gift your book has been to us. Thank you for giving me the solid proof of an afterlife, the realization that love lasts forever, is all that matters, and that death is merely another stage of eternal life. Eternally grateful!
Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
January 17, 2011
It will be 2 years on February 17t tha I lost my son. I had one dream where my son was in this dark whole and midcs weere aroung him and I was running toward him sayin g I want to see my baby but I couldn't see his face but I knew it was him. WHen I woke up I had real tears. I do talk and pray for him to some see me or let me feel his presence, but that yet has happened. People have told me it's because my son knows I'm not readly for that. I fopund this sight in a book I'm reading called Love never dies. THis is a great book so far.
Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, United States
January 9, 2011
With gratitude for the comfort given by this site.
New Jersey, United States
January 5, 2011
Reading through your site, gave me peace. I am not weird, other people experience what I call "pass overs".It's been happening to me since I was 6 yrs old.
Atlantic beach, New York, United States
January 1, 2011
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