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I lost my 20-month old granddaughter, Cedra Xiana Edwards, on December 17, 1997. She died tragically (murdered) and my heart still aches for her loss. I have had occurrences where I have felt a slight touch on the cheek, a warm comforting feeling, a feeling of her prescence around that usually comes during times that I am most distraught and longing for her. When these things happen, a feeling of calm and love is felt in my heart......sometimes I wonder if she is telling me that she knows of my pain and comes to let me know that she is still around me. This website has been beneficial in that it helps me to understand that these occurrences happen to other people. Raised as a Christian, we are supposed to believe that once a person passes on, they no longer are on earth. I have had similar experiences when my grandparents passed on and now with my granddaughter, so I question these occurrences and somehow believe that on the journey to life everlasting, those who have left us make efforts to comfort us in our grief and let us know that they are still with us in a way that is unexplainable. Perhaps, this website will help me to understand and accept it more readily....and not to question whether it is my sanity or imagination going awry. For if this were easily explainable, we would not somehow feel blessed in what happens when we get these occurrences. May the good Lord bless you and your mission to help others understand through your work.
Waianae, Hawaii, United States
December 31, 1998
I am so glad to discover this web site. It's good to know other people are experiencing contact from loved ones who are deceased. Other people seem embarrassed for me or want to turn me off thinking I have gone over the edge.
Houston, Texas, United States
December 31, 1998
I just found your sight I work with hospice and had a strong intrest in NDE's and reincarnation for years so I'll bee visiting your site often
Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
December 31, 1998
I've been looking for a site like this.Today is my first day looking at it and I think it is wonderful. Thanks to the people that work so hard on this web site. Wanda Peck
Olympia, Washington, United States
December 31, 1998
I am new to this site and just love it! It has so much information!!! So many good books to choose from! I like the way everyone is so friendly, kind and so open in describing their experiences. It is very comforting to those of us who have experiences and feel afraid to talk about them. I also like the way the Web site is set up, it's easy to follow and understand. Love it!
Manteca, California, United States
December 31, 1998
I rarely ever get on the internet and very rarely spent 3 hours searching sites. Today, I couldn't figure out why I thoroughly searched ADC and several spiritual sites. I finally figured it out. Today would've been my best girlfriend's birthday. I had known her for 35 yrs, since 4th grade. Even though distance and family priorities kept us apart alot of the time, when we saw each other it was like things had never changed. She was a wonderful mother. She never lost her zest for life even though she lost 2 of her children and her dad disappeared. But she always kept that childlike innocense and laughter even when life treated her unfairly. She never a career oriented individaul but she was a much stronger person than I will ever be. When she died, the entire church was filled on both days to standing room only and 1 was on a workday. Today, when I finally realized why I was in your website, my whole body was 1 big goosebump. Her death was very hard for me especially since it was a year after my grandmother's death. Special people like those can never be replaced but today I knew she was here with me. Thank you for this opportunity. Rose Russell
Lomita, California, United States
December 31, 1998
I learned of your unique site from someone at the Stonehenge Chat Room (at SpiritWeb). You are performing a very needed Service to people and I wish you the best of success in continuing this altruistic endeavor! Keep Radiating That White Light! Namast?.
December 29, 1998
Just strolled on in And was curious at what I would find. I lost my baby girl eleven years ago and I would like to learn about life after death.
Lehighton, Pennsylvania, United States
December 29, 1998
It's good to see how many people are touched by your book. This is a wonderful site.
Kutztown, Pennsylvania, United States
December 29, 1998
Our only son passed on 5/26/98. We are searching for him spiritualy and are very interested in ADC.
Longwood, Florida, United States
December 29, 1998
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