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I just got your book yesterday and have gotten about 120 pages into it and am so excited that a book like this was written. I lost my husband of 19 years in April of 2008 in an auto accident. Since his death some things have happened that, like the people in your book, have made me wonder if I was just going crazy or was it real. Such as your section on fragrances. The first Christmas my son and I was debating on whether to put up a real, fake or no tree. About a week or two before that Christmas, I got up one morning and all I could smell was pine. I had not used any pine cleaners in my home so it urked me as to where it was coming from. I could practically taste it the smell was so strong. But it really surprised me when the smell continued even when I went to work. But by mid day it finally kicked in to me what it was. My husband was real big on having a real tree for Christmas and I took it as a sign from him that he wanted a real tree. We put up our fake tree but I went out and bought a small live tree just for him. As for the smell, it went away as soon as I realized that it was him wanting a real Christmas tree. I told a couple friends about it and one, who does not believe in life after death, just blew it off as I had to be around someone who was wearing some sort of pine scent. I also want to ask if anyone has ever gotten a picture taken of their loved one in a background? My son had his senior pictures taken at our home on the roof no less in September of 2009. In the background was a pine tree. When I was going through those pictures, a face came through seeming to be projecting from that pine tree behind my son. To me it looks just like my husband. Although, I have had people make some reference to some Green Man or there again just want to blow it off as some freak lighting in the tree. Was wondering if you have had any people that has had an incident of getting a phone like that? I would be willing to share the photo if anyone would like to see it. I did not take the photo. It was taken by a young photographer who was starting up a new business.
Whitefield, Maine, United States
January 23, 2010
Thank you for providing this much needed support. We continually look for "the sign" that shows us they are not truly gone. Even though we already know it in our hearts.
Hampton, Virginia, United States
January 14, 2010
This really helped me thru when my Daddy passed away in December. It got me thru the holidays! Thanks
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
January 10, 2010
I like the book. It gives me hope and lets me know I am not alone. I have recently experienced two ADCs.
Georgia, United States
January 8, 2010
Hi Bill and Judy! It's been a while since I've joined the site. I still recommend this book often. Everyone has so enjoyed the experience. As a previous contributor in the "Pearls of Wisdom" section with my encounters with my family members, I am waiting to see if my brother Gary I lost on December 11, 2009 reaches out to me. He was the closest brother to me in age and in relationship, the problem I am having is that he made an anatomical gift of himself which will take 1-2 yrs. before I have his ashes to inter with the rest of my family. At Christmas which he would have been at home with us as he has all these years, some things did occur each time I picked up an item or went to have a conversation with some one about him as we were in deep grief at that time due to its' close proximity to his death. Some things fell over that never could have fallen over before so I do feel he was letting me know that way which is common for people to do. So I wait for a very profound encounter which could take time as I said with his donation for studies at the college. I do hope each and everyone who has joined this guest book area and read on the site has reached a Peace Within as I was gifted with from my family in Heaven....Happy New Year to each of you and God Bless....S. Adrienne
Corinth, New York, United States
January 8, 2010
Just to let you know how much I appreciate your site. I am going through a very bad time again, maybe it is the holiday season, who knows. Last night I had a visit from my husband, we were on a plane, I arrived home and he was not with me. I felt so alone, I asked that he come back just one more night so I could hug him again. Feel lost and alone today. It must be so difficult for others, it has been 16 months and I go forward in life and then the grief comes back. It is so overwhelming because I have lost the love of my life, he was my one and only love for 43 years.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
January 2, 2010
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