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This book has helped me quite abit. I lost my wife in March and I know she is with God. As of this date she has not returned to see me in a physical form but I do know she has been here. Thank you for writing this book. Have definitely been recommending it to lots of people all over the world.
Iowa Park, Texas, United States
November 17, 2009
My beloved fiancee Ralph passed on 8-29-08. I read your book and feel great comfort. I have been quite intuitive my whole like and since my fiancee's death I have had many many signs from him. I have recommended your book to grieving people and I cross paths with many as a flight attendant. I won't write a book although I've been encouraged, you have done such a beautiful expression of love beyond this earthly life. It has been almost 15 months since Ralph passed and I have had what some consider unexplainable. I have always believed because I've always been contacted by loved ones but with my fiancees it has been quite starting to some. Thanks for your work. Esther
Pleasanton, California, United States
November 15, 2009
When our dear friend and longtime neighbor Barry passed, from multiple myeloma, in 2000, I was asked by his partner Alan to write a poem for his service. I was happy to do so. One of the lines, as I recall, goes, "Love comes, passing across our faces like a warm wind of memory, to cradle us always.." Well, I was lying in bed the evening after Barry's life celebration service, and felt unmistakeably, a warm wind across my face. The window was closed, the heat was not on, the cats were fast asleep at the foot of the bed, and I was ALONE in the house.No question in my mind: Barry was 'passing by' to let me know he was still with us, and loved us all. Another incident: a friend of mine, who was mentally ill, a heavy smoker and alcoholic during his years on Earth, died of heart trouble brought on by his self-destructive lifestyle. But all the same he was a steadfast friend; we had some great times when he WAS stable and doing well. I remember Artie with affection, but also, sadness since he was not able to really put his demons to rest. One night I had a dream, in which he appeared to me, looking as he did when I met him: clear eyed, a bushy moutache and boyish grin on his face. He did not "speak" to me, but communicated instead, smiling and letting me know he loved me, that he always HAD valued our friendship and cherished mine, and that he was still allright in the great Beyond. I believe it then and I believe it now: we DO live on, in spirit, in the hearts of those we leave behind, and we continue to watch over our dear ones. This has been an greta comfort since another friend was just killed by a drunk driver. Although I am angry and grieving, I know that she too, lives on in Heaven, and still is very much 'here'. God bless all who are saddened by a recent loss. I urge them to prayerfully think on these after death stories in the book. They are food for thought, and can bring great comfort, indeed. Namaste and Peace to all!
new york, New York, United States
November 11, 2009
Your web site is great. Three years ago I found it and signed the guest book. At that time, I was living with my sister Janis, and we had her old dog put to sleep and were missing her. My sister passed away last May, and our dad died last Saturday. I miss them very much, but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they're together and happy and at peace. I know we'll all be together again someday.
Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States
November 6, 2009
Your website is a blessing. I look forward to reading Hello From Heaven.
Dallastown, Pennsylvania, United States
October 29, 2009
My daughter passed away from Rhabdomyoscaroma at the age of 3. I loved reading this book I couldn't put it down. Layin in bed the night she passed away I felt this weight on my chest. Made me feel like she was giving me a good bye hug. Thank you for writing this book!
Kimball, South Dakota, United States
October 26, 2009
Loved your book !
Boom Road, New Brunswick, Canada
October 25, 2009
my daughter, Jennifer died in 2006. I took two weeks off from work and upon returning when i would go upstairs to our smoking area outside, I would see a monarch buttterfly on every break and lunch hour. It continued for a couple of weeks. I felt that it was my daughter telling me that she was ok. the exchange was very coincidetal that in working there for 13 years i had never seen a butterfly in that area before, our smoking area is up on the roof. I have since bought every butterfly item that i come across in the stores
easthampton, Massachusetts, United States
October 16, 2009
nice to meet you
turin, Italy
October 9, 2009
You have presented some of the best evidence for survival of the spirit beyond death of the physical body. You have helped and will help many! Thank you!
Hilo, Hawaii, United States
September 28, 2009
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