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Today is Fred's birthday. He's been gone a little over three years now. For anyone who has lost someone I want you to be assured that your loved one IS still with you. Find a quiet place and close your eyes and think of them. Sometimes it is in small suttle ways that they reach out and touch you. Things that seem to be coincidences aren't. May you find peace. As I sat here thinking of Fred and started writing this a song came on that said I am always with you. I miss you Fred but I know you are with me always. Love Renee'
January 19, 2005
duluth, Georgia, United States
January 16, 2005
I wish you could talk to my sister who has been suffering so much since our Mother died in 1996. She just cannot believe that all is ok. I loved your book. Absolutly loved it!!!I am very happy to have found your web site.
Spring Bay, Ontario, Canada
January 12, 2005
I have been sitting here for hours reading the hellos and good-byes to our loved one I cannot believe how much this site has helped me. My mother Carol a Jackson (Sidelinger)My mom died Dec, 12th 2004 I was lucky to be the only one out of 3 sister to spend the entire day before with her. But when I got that dreadful call I thought I had prepared my self for I lost all Of my senses And I have not been the same sinse I wonder if reality will ever set in and the pain will disapear but I am now convinced it never will.But thax to this site I realize I am not as crazy as I was starting to feel because I am still deeply depressed and saddened by my moms passing And to see my dad her husband and caretaker becasuse of his disability married 35 yrs. I feel at 28 I am to young to be w/out my mom And to see my dads pain is almost unbearable. I am sorry to ramble but I have noone else to relate to sinse I have few friends and My husband has never lost anyone in his life he feels I should be over it and move on with life! I tell him I will never be over it till the day when I am w/ her again!
Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
January 10, 2005
your web is good to read,my daughter lisa 25years old and grandchildren 6year old kieghley and demmy 3years old were murder,i wait till my time is ready for me to die,why cant i sleep and never wake up i pray each night please lord let me rest how can a mother live lord with out her babys,please lord dont let enyone suffer like me,god bless elaine.
Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom
January 10, 2005
People die every day infact I've lost Friends, All of my grandparents, aunts and uncles all of which I was very close too! But on December 12th 2004 I lost my Mom and never Have I felt so much pain I thought I was prepared thinking of all the people I had already lost! There is nothing like losing a Mom i feel deeply for any on who had a loss & I think it is great to have a site such as
Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
January 10, 2005
i truely enjoyed the information and spiritual guide i felt throughout this website and i cherrish it. I will alwyas remember how to connect the right way to the one i lost and will never ever forget. I will always come back to this website and see all the love between each person and there loved ones.
walworth, Wisconsin, United States
January 10, 2005
I Lost My true love of 20 years Dec 13,2004 at 2:14am to cancer will the pain ever stop??
Apopka, Florida, United States
January 8, 2005
I lost my mom, just a little over a year ago, but my spirit guide Gabriel has helped me so much to understand the "Why's". And on Nov. 8th, 2004 I lost the first guy I ever loved. I am still close with his family, and because I have learned so much from books I have read, Library research, and classes at a local bookstore, I am able to help with the spiritual understanding I have learned.Please friends, don't be afraid to ask questions, and don't think you are wrong for questioning your faith or even God....there is no right way or specific time limit to grieve. "Hello from Heaven" is one of the best books I have ever read. I gave it to my dad when my mom passed and have extras at my house for gifts. It is the best book for comforting anyone who has lost someone they love. It helps us to realize we are part of a bigger plan, and we all interlink....and when our loved ones pass...there love doesn't leave, or go just changes forms. God Bless you all on your spiritual road to enlightenment!! I would love to talk to anyone.....we are all in this together! love and light, Doreen
Denver, Colorado, United States
January 4, 2005
I have read the book over and over and every time have recommended it to almost every person I have met, online or in person. I urge everyone to read it, believers and non-believers. Thank you for making me believe again.
Hershey, Pennsylvania, United States
December 31, 2004
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