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Just looking at Beyond with James VanPraagh and your Wed Site was there.
Kentwood, Michigan, United States
November 27, 2003
I just found your web-site and haven't read the book yet,but I do plan to read it very soon.
Liberty Lake, Washington, United States
November 26, 2003
This is a helpful and supportive web site. Thank you.
Park Ridge, Illinois, United States
November 26, 2003
Thank-you for this wonderful website. My father passed away 10 months ago. I have experienced his presence in many ways these past months.The morning after he passed, I was alone and prayed to speak to him and to tell him how sorry I was for the events that occurred the 24 hours before he died. (I had tried helping him to walk into the light twice and was stopped by my siblings. He & I talked the previous day about me helping to do this when the time came.No one in my family believed that he could hear anything prior to death. I continued to talk to him anyway and told them hearing is the last sense to go. I felt terrible because everyone was talking around him as though he wasn't there and as though he couldn't hear & other things occurred which shouldn't of) After I prayed and apologized to him for the end being so disfunctional, the whole room filled up with the smell of mixed flowers. I knew he was with me then. My brother passed away in 1991 and one of the signs I have when he is near is the smell of roses. He had a beautiful rose garden in CA and was always waiting at the airport gate for my with a bunch of roses each time I visited. Also, the night before my father died my brother's face appeared to be coming from my father's face. This was not the first time that happenned. The front door in our home (I have lived with my parents the past 8 years) has opened and shut with no one there; objects of my father's have fallen off walls and shelves without breaking.This is a small example of things which have happenned. I am very happy to be able to write this things and know there are others who can relate to the same. I was close to my Dad & brother and know that they indeed do live on. Thank you for listening Linda D
Peabody, Massachusetts, United States
November 25, 2003
My soulmate committed suicide on Oct 17th of this year. And I am just trying to make sense of certain things that have happened. I'm in agonizing pain from missing him like I do. Thank you. Your site helped a little.
Santa Clarita, California, United States
November 23, 2003
This is really great site. All these years i have a lot of experiences as well similar as i saw here. If its an ADC, i dont know if it is. Three or two mos. ago, i was reading this reader's digest at night,about the afterlife ( about a certain tunnel of light). Few mins. later, after turning off most of the light inside and was about to sleep, when suddenly somebody had just rang our main doorbell near midnight. Just once but it was so strange. I dont know if its afterlife communication, something i dont get. I usually think of all my loveones that had passed away and each time i think about them, i think if they are out there, watching.i believe the story here, the hello from heaven, is true. It might just be a prank to ring the doorbell late at night or a kind of spirit who wish to tell something?...i wish i can find an answer...
Illinois, United States
November 15, 2003
Cant believe how many years had passed and here, i felt like ADCs wont leave me alone wherever i am. Then through searching, i found this great website...i felt great already!
Illinois, United States
November 14, 2003
I found this site by searching "death" because I believe that our mind dont die! So, we will be able to receive message from another mind wherever it be (sorry my poor English) my regards Joaquim
Porto, Portugal
November 11, 2003
I have been on this site a few time just reading. It breaks my heart to hear of all the pain from our losses. I lost my 19 year old son on March 21, 2003 in a MVA. I received my call at 5:00 a.m. on March 21. He was living at he father's, working and looking forward to attending college for Criminal Justice in September 2003. He received his acceptance letter the day he died. I divorced his father 3 years ago and moved 6 hours away. My regrets are that, even though I saw him occasionally and spoke to him frequentlt, I lost the last 3 years with him. He was my first born and only son. We had such a special relationship. He always had a positive outlook on life and lived it to the fullest. He never caused us or anyone else any trouble. My son was a drummer with a band of "best buddies" for the last 5 years. Their goal and dream was to become famous rock stars. They idolized Metalica. He had so much to offer and so much to do, I don't find it fair at all that young people like that are taken away from us. I don't blame God as much as I used to. So many questions unanswered. I have contact a few people off this site and have been communicating with them. I find it helps alot to share feelings and thoughts with those who are going through the same process. Only we can help each other. We can only hope that our loved ones are still with us in spirit and hold on to all the wonderful memories we have of them. This is what seems to get me through at times.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
November 10, 2003
i havent losted anyone in my family..not just yet... but i have losted a very best friend to me she was the coolest person..and everyone in our school loved her for who she was...she was very respectful .generous...easy going, friendly..etc...she was the sister of my good friend nikkita salviano who is now married..melissa jennifer mancini died on her 19th birthday..and will be missed..and when i die.i'll be glad to be there with her melissa jennifer mancini born in rome italy her dream was always to be a famous actress when she was done highscool 1984-2003
christie *chrissy*
toronto, Ontario, Canada
November 8, 2003
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