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My Sister told me about this site. I think it's nice and serves a good purpose. Happy Birthday Dad. Thanks!
San Leandro, California, United States
December 28, 1998
I just located your site tonight. Your site and Groww has been a God send. I lost my husband Bob May 31,1998. He went in his sleep. When I found him there was a smile on his face. I think that is why I thought he was playing a dumb joke, which he was well known for. When I realized it was no joke, I thought I was going to lose my mind. I was in denial for quite awhile. I still at times can't believe he is really gone. I feel so alone at times yet I feel deep down in my heart that he is and always will be with me and our two children, ( they are 15 and 8). Can you tell me if you feel this was him that helped me out x-mas eve? Two days before x-mas I had put on a favorite pair of earrings before going out shopping. While out shopping my daughter and I tried on several outfits in the stores fitting rooms. When we returned home I put on the outfit I had purchased. Then I sat on my bed and cried wishing he could have been with us shopping. I looked in the mirror and realized my right earring was missing. I looked everywhere and was devastated when I couldn't find it. That night I dreamed Bob and I went shopping for the kids. Then x-mas eve I was in the bathroom getting ready for for church. I opened my vanity drawer to get out my make-up, and there in the corner of the drawer was my earring. I believe in my heart that Bob put it there as a x-mas gift to me. What are your thoughts? Am I crazy?
Benzonia, Michigan, United States
December 27, 1998
Glad to find a site like this. Today was my Fathers Birthday, and it was nice to be able to do the Memorial for him, and just remember him with Love. Thanks.
SLZ., California, United States
December 25, 1998
great site!!
Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States
December 24, 1998
As a recent widow, I find comfort in the stories of faith and communication with the dead.
Columbus, Ohio, United States
December 24, 1998
I found the book Hello From heaven last spring and found it a wonderful source of comfort also of confirmation of experiences which I have had since my beloved husband died November 29th 1996. I just located this site a few weeks ago and have visited it several times. It is such a comfort for people to know that their loved one is definitely alive in another realm or sphere. I have two other friends who lost their spouses a few weeks or months before Roy died. We are a support group for one another and I have suggested the book to one of these friends and will shortly do so for the other. Thank you for this site it is needed.
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
December 24, 1998
ADC is such a god send and enlightenment to many. A positive place where the physical can touch the spirtual. I am so proud to be given an opportunity to be part of this wonderful place. Hopefully you all come and visit me in Psychics Place when the room is up and running. God Bless both Judy and Will and there work.
Bradenton, Florida, United States
December 23, 1998
The book was recommended to me, and while searching for it on the net, I stumbled across this lovely, peaceful place. I am looking forward to exploring more!
Orlando, Florida, United States
December 23, 1998
A beautiful site. Thank you Bill for your Christmas card which gave me the information so I could find you.
Miami Lakes, Florida, United States
December 22, 1998
Dear Will -- It was 2 years ago when I last signed your guest book, right after it was first opened. I'm still amazed at the fine quality of your web site, and am very proud to have such a talented nephew. Did you play all those selections on your keyboard? I'm really impressed. A standing ovation for you from your old computer guru. With love -- Uncle Jimmy & Terry
Forest, Virginia, United States
December 21, 1998
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