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Hi, I am tee and harry's sister.
January 7, 1998
My uncle Steve began his new journey on October 22, 1997. In the time that has passed, my family & I have tried to find some comfort in knowing that he is now in a better place ( We like to think he's out playing a long game of golf somewhere) and have relied on each other for strength & courage. I had the incredible experience to share Steve's passing on with my aunt Beth and cousins Trinity & Gavin. We are forever changed. I cannot imagine Steve is no longer with us. Even though his physical presence is gone, his aliveness speaks to us in our hearts. My cousin Trinity has been having lucid dreams quite frequently. In them, her Dad speaks to her & she sees & just knows that everything is okay in this state of consciousness. I hope that Steve will somehow let me know, other than my faith in this truth, that the the golf is greener on the other side. However, my most ardent wish is that Steve will come to Beth in a dream to let her know that "She's the Best!". Thank you for allowing me to share my comments. I think this is a wonderful site.
Portland, Oregon, United States
January 6, 1998
we are very interested in this subject since my sister and mother have passed over. we miss them so much!
el paso, Texas, United States
January 4, 1998
My name is Rachel, I am 19 yrs old and on Sept 8th, 1997 I lost my boyfriend Greg in a drowning accident.Greg was my first love, soulmate, and best friend.We do not yet know the truth about what happened to him on the night of his death making it very hard for me to put him to rest. I am miles away from our family and friends making it difficult to talk to anyone who will understand. This is one reason why I was looking for something or someone I could share my experiences with and who would relate. I have had several vivid dreams about him which comforted me knowing he is in a better place and is still apart of me,but I still need to understand what happened to him. I have considered speaking with a Psychic to help me uncover the truth.If anyone knows of a reputable source I could contact either on the internet or in the twin cities area, please e-mail. Thank you for listening it really makes a difference. Rachel
Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
January 4, 1998
I just finished your book it was wonderful, when is your new book coming out
New York, New York, United States
January 3, 1998
I don't have anyone who was close to me to have passed on but I certainly and strongly believe that I have experienced ADC's in different ways. Is that possible?? I had a maternal grandmother (who I hardly knew) pass away when I was 6 and an aunt (who I hadn't seen for maybe 15 years) pass away. (I loved this aunt dearly, though). I sometimes feel, and strongly know, that there is a presence around me but am sometimes fearful that it might be, I'll use the word "evil" for lack of a better word. I want to welcome the presence if it's positive. Any comments?
New York, United States
January 2, 1998
I enjoyed your site. It is well organized and readily available for the topics chosen.
Jackson, New Jersey, United States
January 1, 1998
I wrote in here when I first came to this site back in the summer of 1995. Before I came here I searched for a group in my home town for an Aids survivors group and came up empty handed. There is no such group to be found any where in my area. I attended some groups For Aids victums and was able to get a better understanding of what my Husband had gone threw with this decease. But, it was hard for them to understand my position as a survivor. I pretty much gave up on finding anyone who could understand, how it feels to stand-by and watch helplessly as someone dies with Aids. I was surfing on the net one day and came across this site and I have been comming here every since. My ADCs actually started when I was 11 years old,when my brother sudenly passed in 1975. Since then I have lost my Aunt,Grandfather,Mother-in-Law,and my Husband. The most dramatic ADC's was with my Mother-in-Law and Husband. My Mother-in-Law helped me to help my Husband to cross over. It was quite an experience. Thank You All for your subport threw one of the worst times in my life.
Houston, Texas, United States
January 1, 1998
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