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I'm very interested in James Van Praagh. I believe in him. I would really love to talk with him. I have 3 brothers who have passed away and my father. I'd love to know how they are now and what they think of the way I turned out. I guess just the things that everyone is curious about.
Crown Point, Indiana, United States
December 9, 1997
First time here, will comment later.
Poland, Maine, United States
December 8, 1997
Happened onto this site while doing research for a paper. I lost my son 8 years ago in April; a victim of teen suicide. There have been many ADC's and I thank God each and every time it happens. Death is only a separation for awhile. For those of you who are newly bereaved, keep the faith. You will survive, even if you don't want to. Someday, you will see colors again. I only wish I had had someone to say this to me 7 years ago. God Bless all of you.
Farmington, New Hampshire, United States
December 7, 1997
I would like to know how to get in touch with Dr. Raymond Moody for the purpose of incorporating one of his NDE friends that relaxation "chair/spa" (it was mentioned in the book "After the Light") into a viable consumer-friendly atmosphere. I don't have details but I have received this idea through a revelation of sorts. Any help on this would be appreciated.
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
December 5, 1997
My precious 17 year old son, Matthew Brandon Sooy, died suddenly on April 11, 1997. One week after he was buried I heard him call "Mom". My mother and husband have also had an ADC with Matt in a dream. My 20 year old daughter, Jessyka, often has dreams that seem to be ADC. I've been praying for another ADC from my beloved son, but with no luck. My heart has a huge hole in it since he left.
Walnut Creek, California, United States
December 5, 1997
There is no greater way of expressing love than to keep alive the memory and the spirits of those we lost, than to reach out to others to let them know they are not alone. I sincerely extend my appreciation to Judy Guggenheim for her work of love and offer to become our "neighbor" in joining forces with her remarkable forum and ours, GROWW, Inc. Our site is viewed through We offer support in every aspect of grieving through support "chat rooms" on AOL at present until a forum that is accessible to all is found. Our "Branches" consist of various forms of support as follows: Adult Guiding Angels - Over 20 losing a parent - RRArtist4U & TOOSEXY741 All our Angels - Friends, Family and multiple losses - Merci70034 Enabled Angels - Living with Emotional and substance abuse - Charl51739 & Rosaliebk For Widowed Only - Deblynna, Chinaraw GADD - Groww against Drunk Driving - ERASandy & SueB816 GROWW, Grief Recovery Online - JDivers & Monitors Guiding Angels - Under 20 losing a parent - RRArtist4U & TOOSEXY741 Heavenly Angels - Bereaved Parents - TripL155 Kindred Angels - Sibling loss - Contact - Sunset654 PTA - Parenting Teenagers Alone RRArtist4U & AKAnnie g Reluctant Angels - Survivors of Suicide - Teetsee Special Angels - Our children with disabilities PennyRVr &Martygal Stormy Angels - Rape survivors - Charl51739 & Texrig Tender Angels - Widowed under age 49 - SWells4617 Timeless Angels - Terminal illnesses - Mustang 147, Unexpected Angels - Sudden deaths - TripL155 ALL SCREENAME ADDRESSES TO BE FOLLOWED BY for information on the branches, or visit our website where Email is available for each Branch Coordinator at We hope that you will visit our room and become part of what we feel is the best online support group available. (One of the best now that I've discovered this forum). The success is based on the anonymity of the membership, the candid conversations of one's innermost pain spoken freely, the silent words, the faceless faces, the confidentiality of identity and the freedom to express oneself without shame or judgement. The topics are the members themselves. Open discussions based on the grief of the individual member shared with other members. The members are the experts for they themselves have experienced a loss that no other can understand unless they have "walked the path of pain" that comes with losing a loved one. Words spoken freely from the heart, not quoted from a book have more of an impact on a man or woman who needs to hear that someone understands. Only those who lost a spouse can know the devastation of that loss. Those facing the loss can only understand this devastation from someone who has been there. Only those who have lost a child can understand the pain. Only those who have lost a parent, young or old can understand the pain. Only those who have lost a sibling or a best friend can understand. And those living with the threat of their own death can understand when they hear their own fears through those who face it themselves. This support given to each other is the strongest force behind the healing of a loss. To reach within yourself, to help others who are experiencing or have experienced the same loss is the greatest source of healing. For all those who visit this extraordinarily beautiful site and for those who will visit GROWW.... I pray for your comfort when you discover that the echoes of their heartbeat continues on with the spirit of love that remains alive eternally. Judy Divers - President of GROWW, Inc. Widow of William Divers, who lost his life to cancer, 9/4/92, it is for him, to keep alive his legacy of life and love that GROWW exists.
Altamonte Springs, Florida, United States
December 3, 1997
I stumbled onto this site from another site and am so glad I did. I lost my mother suddenly in Feb of '91 and am in fear of losing my "other" mother--my step mom-- to cancer. I have lost way too many important people in my life in the past few years. Every time I feel that i can finally cope with the loss of one loved one, another one dies. It hurts. Jenn
Franklin, Wisconsin, United States
December 3, 1997
I just found your website for the first time and I am overjoyed. My mother passed away 8/12/97 very suddenly from pneumonia and my father, my sister and I are overcome with grief. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to live through and seeing my father hurting is killing me even more. Please share with my family any advice you might have on getting through this. I'm very interested in grief councelling, grief support groups, grief therapy, etc. Also, after reading about your book....I'm going to buy it for my father for his birthday 12/10/97. God bless you for being here for us! Thanks for just listening and caring.....Tracy
Anaheim, California, United States
December 2, 1997
I am so glad to find this site. The only reason I found it is because Ms. Guggenheim left a post on the GROWW website. I'll be back. Brad
Pensacola, Florida, United States
December 2, 1997
What a wonderful service to all of us who need to put our pain into words in order to heal. I lost my middle son Michael at age 21 on June 26, 1995 from an undiagnosed illness (pancreatitis). Our family will never be the same but we believe that we will see Michael again and long for a message from him to ease the agony of waiting for our reunion.
Poughkeepsie, New York, United States
November 29, 1997
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