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Bill Guggenheim featured guest on Binnall of America

May 19, 2008

An examination of the newly-emerging field of After-Death Communication (ADC) research with the man behind the genre, Bill Guggenheim. We'll talk about how he got interested in ADCs and decided to begin researching the phenomena. We'll cover ADC experiences in-depth, including precisely what they are (and why the definition matters) and a thorough examination of the 12 types of ADCs. We will also find out the reaction to Bill's ADC research by other esoteric communities and how he answers the critics of ADCs who claim they are "grief induced hallucinations." Plus, Binnall shares his two ADC experiences with Bill, and, of course, tons more.

BoA:Audio breaks new ground as we explore this emerging paranormal milieu in a deeply personal edition of the show.

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We start out with the standard bio / background on Bill Guggenheim and how he ended up researching After-Death Communications (ADCs). Bill shares the amazing story of his ADC experience that ended up saving the life of his son. He also takes us back to his early influence on after-life studies, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, and how richly she shaped his research. This segues into Bill explaining how the early days of his ADC research unfolded. He also shares his most pressing concern from the start of the research and the evolution of his work.

Next, Bill defines precisely what an "After-Death Communication" is and why he feels it is important to have a clearly defined definition for the phenomena. We talk about the cases that Bill excludes from being ADCs, how some ADCs have been lumped in with the ghost phenomena over the years and why that may be the case. He also runs down the remarkable numbers from studies done to determine just how many people have had ADCs. Binnall shares one of his ADC experiences and Bill talks about the interesting aspect of how some skeptics have ADCs and have to cope with the reality of the situation.

Bill talks about the process of collecting over 3,000 ADC accounts and some of the findings that he has gleaned from these stories. We find out Bill ever suffers from burnout, having heard so many ADC accounts over the years. We find out if Bill has been involved in any "turf wars" with ghost or NDE researchers who claim ADC as their own. He also explains why his work has been welcomed by mediums, while also discussing some of pros and cons of the craft.

We then take a thorough look at all twelve types of ADCs, ranging from sensing a presence to ADCs that stimulate the various senses (smell, touch, sound), and other more unique experiences. Bill shares some advice on what to do when someone has an ADC and they feel the presence of a departed loved one. He enlightens us to what is the main thematic element of the messages imparted in the ADCs. He explains why ofactory ADCs (effecting the sense of smell) are key to the big picture of addressing the ADC phenomenon. He details what he calls the most exciting ADCs: the visual experiences and why they are seen as especially beautiful for some people who have lost loved ones.

Continuing our look at the twelve types of ADCs, Bill tell us about visions and why they are seperate from "straight" visual ADCs. This segues into the next type of ADC: twilight experiences and then how it extends to its counterpart: sleep state ADCs. He then gives a detailed look at another type of ADC: the out of body after-death communication. Next we cover one of the more fascinating types of ADCs, the telephone communications. Bill explains how this extends to the modern era, including e-mail ADC communications and messages on answering machines.

Finishing up the list of twelve ADC types, Bill talks about physical phenomena or "things that go bump in the night" and Binnall shares his remarkable ADC experience of this type. This segues into some discussion on how, oftentimes, ADCs mirror the personality of the deceased love one. Wrapping up the list of 12, we find out about the final type of experience: symbolic ADCs. Looking at all twelve, in a big picture fashion, Bill explains how they are not mutually exclusive and, sometimes, different types can overlap into one ADC.

Bill responds to the critics of ADCs, who claim that they are merely "grief induced halucinations." He details six categories for why ADCs are NOT "grief induced halucinations," fantasy, memory, or any other falsehood. These categories run the gamut of truly amazing experiences that virtually verify the veracity of ADCs. This segues into some discussion on ADC messages that act as warning and how these messages are usually imparted to the living. Bill also talks about how ADCs are becoming more and more accepted in society and are increasingly being discussed.

Wrapping it up, Bill tells us what is the one essential, spiritual message of ADC. He also talks about one of the more difficult issues to deal with when it comes to ADCs. He also talks about some of the better ways to induce an ADC. We find out what's next for Bill Guggenheim, including some exciting new chapters that will be added to future editions of Hello from Heaven. We find out where to get more information on Bill's research and how folks can pick up a copy of Hello from Heaven.

Tim Binnall
Binnall of America

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