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AfterLifeTV with Bob Olsen

August 22, 2012

AfterLifeTV with Bob Olsen
Hello From Heaven: The 12 Types Of After-Death Communication with Bill Guggenheim

“Our loved ones in spirit communicate with us in many ways, and Bill Guggenheim teaches us the 12 most common categories of after-death communications (ADCs) in this video conversation. Bill is the co-author of Hello From Heaven with his former wife, Judy Guggenheim. Together they interviewed 2000 people and collected more than 3300 first-hand accounts of ADCs. In this conversation, Bill defines after-death communications, shares his incredible story of how he was led to do this research, and teaches us how to recognize when our deceased loved ones are contacting us. Bill & Judy Guggenheim are the leaders in the field of after-death communication. And he has generously provided me with 3 copies of his book to give away to our audience.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

The co-author of Hello From Heaven, Bill Guggenheim, explains the 12 most common types of after-death communications (ADCs).

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