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Taylor Ballard

Taylor Ballard

August 27, 1934


January 19, 1997

I will always be Daddy's little girl, I know you know how much I miss you and that I still cry about losing you. I also know that you are watching over your granddaughter Taylor Lynn that you never got to meet but you see her everyday from beyond. I know this because she calls you Granddaddy all the time and I never taught her that. She smiles and laughs when she sees your picture so I know that you must come to play with her even though I can not see you. We will be together again someday but I know for now I need to be here with my little daughter and loving husband. So until we can hold each other again, I love you and miss you very much.

Love always,

Daddy's little girl (Lisa) and family, Mark and Taylor (your only grandchild)

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