Harold E. Balzer, Jr
Bertha L. Babb
Eleanor I. Balch
Taylor Ballard
Harold E. Balzer, Jr
Harold E. Balzer, Sr
Nancy L. Bannon
Dora J. Barriga
Shannon M. Batten
Patricia A.M. Bausone
Robert D. Bell
Mary K. Berardinelli
John Jeffrey Blair
Robbie Boc
Charles E. Boester
Ryan Bogart
Nick Bond
William E. Brinker

Harold Edward Balzer Jr

Harold Edward Balzer Jr

September 14, 1949


September 12, 1998

No length of time will break the ties
That bound our lives together
We love you still and always will
And you'll live in our heart FOREVER!
Peace and love be with you always!
Love always,
Vicki & family Brother's and sister's
wife children mom & nieces & newpews

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