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This is beautifully done and a valuable resource to all those who seek. Thank you. May i link to this site from
Muskoka / Port Carling, Ontario, Canada
December 20, 2000
This is a great site, it's beautifully designed and very helpful! Keep up the good work, and thank you!
December 17, 2000
Just a note to say you have a wonderfull web site. it is a blessing to those that have suffered, and can now be in touch with there loved ones. "May all your days be filled with Happyness and love" GOD Bless you & your work.
Texas City, Texas, United States
December 15, 2000
I just recently lost my son, 18, Adam Michael Ladd, after medical complications due to his drug overdose on 10/22. He passed over 11/22. Dad and I are now alone. Even the family dog is nuts. Your site has helped me today is my birthday. Adam's birthday was 12/21. Not a good time here. I will reach for the support your site offers. Thank you for a blessing on my birthday - help and understanding is out there. :)
Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, United States
December 13, 2000
Greetings from Fallen Star to all those who are in contact with this page.
Dorset, England, United Kingdom
December 13, 2000
Can you send me more about the book and about who you are?I have a great interest in death and the life or whatever it is called beyond. I would like to somehow contact my dead friend Carl for I know that my time is coming soon .Call it a hunch.Do people really see their loved ones after they are dead and if so how come others cannot?
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
December 13, 2000
I'm very interested in the "next phase" after our lives on Earth. My Dad departed 12/27/98, 15 days after walking my younger sister down the aisle on her wedding day and a day after taking my Mom after-Christmas shopping. His physical absence has been hard to cope with but his spiritual presence is felt strongly at my Mom's house.
Crystal City, Texas, United States
December 13, 2000
White Settlement, Texas, United States
December 12, 2000
i lost my soulmate seven months ago, as yet i have had no contact. i have gone beyond desperation but i still get satisfaction when i read that people in my position have had contact and that the healing process has been allowed to begin, hopefully soon i will have my own story to pass on and give hope to others,
London, England, United Kingdom
December 12, 2000
It was a real blessing to find this site having recently had my own exciting ADC from my deceased mother who passed 11/25/00. It made my bereavement much easier to manage than when my sister died in 1989 at age 39. I was a zombie for months! My mother came to me hours after her death over 1500 miles in the spirit and gave me a comforting message that I should not grieve like I did for my sister because she is allright and wanted me to be happy. I outlined the experience in detail here and hope it will be put on the site to give the same comfort I fell even to this day. Death is in reality a birth into the "real" world of love and light.
Rahway, New Jersey, United States
December 12, 2000
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