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Hello From Heaven!
Terminal Illness
Spiritual Growth
A Course in Miracles
Hello From Heaven! by Bill and Judy Guggenheim, book about after-death communication - ADC experiences, death and dying, grief, bereavement, life after death, and afterlife.
The Gifts They Leave Behind
The Gifts They Leave Behind
April Rohde (Author)
Have you ever heard that special song on the radio just as you were thinking about a loved one who had passed? Have you found feathers, pennies or seen important dates that always appear at just the right time? Can you trust what your heart is telling you when you receive these messages or does your mind tell you it is just "Wishful thinking?" In this book, April shares the most intimate and loving messages she received from her late husband. April shares her grief and the amazing revelations she experienced after her loss that transformed her life forever. April always believed that with love anything is possible and love can find a way to connect us with our loved ones, even after death. (United States)  
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