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Hello From Heaven!


Sensing a Presence: Sentient ADCs

Edith, a bereavement counselor in Florida, enjoyed a special moment with her 65-year-old patient, Howard, who had ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease:

I was at home when the nurse from hospice called to tell me Howard was actively dying - a process that can go on for hours. His wife was having a real difficult time and wanted me to come over and be there with her. I said, "Of course," and went to change my clothes.

I was in my walk-in closet, when all of a sudden, I experienced Howard's presence. He was there on my right side. There was a lightness of being - a joy and a sense of freedom.

It was like I heard in my heart his good-bye and a thank you for being there for him as I had been. He wasn't there long, probably about thirty seconds.

When I stepped out of the closet, I looked at our digital clock, which said 4:23. I proceeded to get dressed and drove to Howard's house. When I walked in, they told me he had passed on at 4:23.


Hearing a Voice: Auditory ADCs

Lois, a homemaker in Nebraska, was fortunate to hear from her husband, Ray, after he died unexpectedly of a stroke at age 33:

On the morning after Ray died, I heard his voice say, "I forgot to bank that money! It's in my coat pocket. You better get it and put it in your purse now." It sounded like he was standing behind my right shoulder.

I went and looked in his coat pocket, and there was the money! It was three hundred and some dollars cash! That came in very handy right then.

We had sold my station wagon the afternoon before he died. Ray had put the money in his pocket and was going to deposit it. But I didn't know he hadn't gone to the bank yet.


Feeling a Touch: Tactile ADCs

Sarah is a dental hygienist in Colorado. She and her family experienced a heartwarming reunion soon after her 24-year-old son, Andrew, was killed in a motorcycle accident:

I was standing in our kitchen before Andrew's memorial service. Kyle, our other son, came over and put his arm around me. Then my husband, Doug, came over to us, and we opened into a three-way hug.

As we stood there silently with tears rolling down, we felt a light pressure, a light caress on our shoulders. In my heart I knew it was Andrew - and Doug and Kyle did too. We all felt the warmth of his embrace and his love. And mentally I heard Andrew say "Hey, guys, it's okay."

This lasted no more than thirty seconds, and then the warmth and the pressure were gone. But Andrew's hug had made us a complete family one last time.


Smelling a Fragrance: Olfactory ADCs

Tara is a 39-year-old artist and designer in Rhode Island. Her cousin, Larry, fulfilled his promise after he died of cancer.

My cousin, Larry, and I grew up together, and we knew each other all our lives. We made an agreement that, if we could, whoever died first would communicate back to the other. We didn't know how we would do it - except we would, somehow, someway.

Three days after he died, I went into my bedroom. All of a sudden, I felt Larry's presence! Then the room filled up with the scent of English Leather, which was his favorite cologne - that's all he ever used. I don't have any perfumes because I have allergies, and my husband doesn't wear any cologne.

I said, "Oh, my God, it's Larry!" So many emotions were going on inside me at once. Larry was keeping his pact! I knew he was telling me there is something after death.

Then the scent and the feeling of his presence were completely gone. But I knew he had been there. And I realized, "We did it! He contacted me! We really did it!"


Full Appearances: Visual ADCs

Molly is a legal stenographer in Missouri. She was delighted when she saw her grandmother, who had died of old age at 87:

My grandmother and I were extremely close - I lived a good part of my life with her. She was crippled from the time she was in her early twenties, so I never really saw her standing straight.

The second night after her death, I was in bed but I was not asleep. My eyes were wide open, and I saw her! She was standing up straight and looked to be about thirty or thirty-five years old. She was solid and lifelike, just like a living human being.

Her hair was cut short, and it was real curly all around her face. She had this sweet smile. She didn't say anything, but I got the idea that she was showing me, "See, now I'm standing straight!"

She was wearing an older style dress with an unusual pattern - a white background with a red stripe - that I didn't recall ever having seen before. All she did was stand there and smile. I got out of bed and turned on the lights, but she was gone.

I told my aunt about it the next morning. I described my grandmother's dress to her, and she took me to the basement and pulled out some old trunks. She found a quilt my grandmother had made. And there was the same material, that had a white background with a red stripe, sewn into the quilt!

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