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The ADC Project wants to hear from you!

"Hello From Heaven!" - Bill Guggenheim and Judy Guggenheim Hello From Heaven! is the first in a series of books The ADC Project is planning to publish, further documenting after-death communication experiences. If you've had one or more ADCs and are willing to share them, please use the form below to submit your account directly and confidentially to The ADC Project, which will then be added to a vast database for further study.

Note: Please do NOT ask The ADC Project for any personal feedback in your ADC account Now It's Your Turn submissions, but instead save those questions/comments for an email directly to The ADC Project. Thanks!

If you choose to submit your ADC experience, please describe your experience(s) in detail and include your name, address, and home phone number, along with your age and occupation. Of course, only the ADC accounts that are most suitable for future books will be chosen, with your written consent, followed by an appointment for a personal telephone interview with The ADC Project.

The ADC Project wants to receive more ADCs like - or unlike - the ones described in the online outline After-Death Communications - Joyous Reunions With Deceased Loved Ones and in the book, Hello From Heaven! - especially those kinds of accounts that are described below:

  • Children younger than 18 years old who have had an ADC; parents are requested to submit the experiences of their very young children
  • Adults who had an ADC when they were under 18 years old
  • Reports from twins/triplets who had an ADC with their deceased brother or sister
  • ADCs that transformed your life, relationships, work, spiritual beliefs, etc.
  • ADCs that occurred during prayer or meditation
  • ADCs from the clergy: ministers, rabbis, priests, nuns, etc.
  • ADCs that include Jesus, Mary, angels, and/or other spiritual beings
  • ADCs reported by people raised in other cultures and/or who practice different spiritual traditions and religious faiths
  • ADCs that took place during or after an emergency, like a natural disaster, an accident, a violent situation, a war, a personal crisis, etc.
  • Reports of ADCs that result in physical and/or spiritual healing
  • ADCs that are humorous, reflecting the humor of the deceased loved one
  • ADCs that might have startled or frightened the experiencer
  • Bedside ADCs: Occur during the transition of a loved one or patient, such as seeing deceased relatives or friends, spiritual figures, or colored lights come to welcome and assist the one who was dying
  • Soul Leaving Body ADCs: Sensing or seeing the soul of the person leaving his or her body at time of physical death
  • Escort to the Light ADCs: Include witnessing, assisting, and/or accompanying the one who has died to the Light

Submit your ADC Experience to The ADC Project Online Research

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