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From: Denise
Date: Monday, November 06, 2017 10:59 AM
To: Andy
Subject: Re: : A little girl, everyone's daughter
Thank you Andy, it's true I am a highly sensitive person, so since I was young I feel things deeply and can have tons of empathy for people I never met. The other day I was at a fast food place mid afternoon not many people there and noticed a young woman who seemed lost-- she had a bag of laundry w her and kept walking out to the sidewalk and coming back in, then noticed she had a black eye and swollen lip. I said hi to her and she seemed kind of surprised anyone even noticed her. I felt like she isn't safe, who did that to her so I asked if she was ok and she said yes and she was waiting for someone to pick her up. I felt really worried for her safety, was it a boyfriend coming to pick her up who gave her that black eye. I didn't say anything to her but offered a ride and she said it was ok she better wait for her ride. I gave her my number

On the minus side I am so sensitive I get too affected and take a lot on that isn't all mine to take care of. My brothers ex told me a couple years ago Denise you can care, but don't carry.

I can get in pretty low depressive moods from just feeling so deeply about things hat go on

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