Shauna M. Norcross
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Shauna M. Norcross

Shauna Marie Norcross

Shauna Marie Norcross

April 10, 1985


May 15, 1997

Shauna was only 12 years old when she was murdered. A murder that was senseless, and evil. She was trying to save someone else life when she took the bullets unstead. She was a popular girl at school and church. She loved the lord (which is strange for someone her age to take such an interest), and therefore I know she is in heaven with him.
I have many regrets, anger, and all kinds of emotions filling my heart and soul. It should have never been her... not a person that loved everyone and tried to help those less fortunate. She had just made the cheerleading team which she worked day and night to make it. She was never a person to give up. She never had the chance to cheer for her first game, she will never see her proms, graduation, marriage, or children that she always wanted. She missed out on so much, and I am missing the things that I'll never she her accomplish or achieve.
Christmas only compacts the pain. I don't want to go on without her, but she wouldn't want me to be unhappy or die to be with her. I miss you so much Shauna, and even after 18 months the pain hasn't gotten any easier, in fact it seems worse. You are my angel, and I want you to be in my arms again soon.
Until we meet up again,

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