Regina Principe Auz
Michael B. Achaj
Regina Principe Auz

Regina Principe Auz

Regina Principe Auz

August 27, 1965


July 11, 1997

To my special sister who will always be my best friend. We were two sisters who together was one person. My days will never be the same without your phone calls, and our daily walks.
I know you never really left me I can feel you every second of the day. You live on in my heart and soul. As close as we were we could never really be parted.
My angels Alyssa, Danielle and Dominique will give me the strenght to go on with my life. I know you will wait for me and be there to take me to the afterlife where once again we will be together. I will love you forever and beyond forever.
Love Always your sister and friend

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