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Matthew John Cahill

Matthew John Cahill

November 22, 1980


June 13, 1998

so they will scatter your ashes in the st. lawrence river
pull you back to those currents you understood before this;
your grave an expanse of blue freedom
shared with blissful ignorance
by unknowing children on faraway shores,
their legs and arms moving
the way you'd have taught them,
to keep their heads high above
and allow them their breath,
you floated beside us
our late and great loved one
and as plain and sweet as water,
we failed to see the miracle
that was the fact of your being alive.
so much you've turned into, now that you've left us
or since we left your world, because if water can alter
our view of our bodies
who are we to believe our perceptions
are not the less probable view of the truth?
in hundreds of houses
you must now exist differently
fly with wings of white satin,
walk, translucent, among us,
are laid down to sleep in innumerable dreams.
dear boy, don't you think, don't you think for one moment
that if love could have saved you
you wouldn't be floating face up in that river
your eyes watching clouds where we've now stowed your soul
i will keep you here now, soothed by smooth currents
in water, where we all can be likened to angels
in that limbs lose their limp weight, and we carry each other
until we are safe or can swim on our own.
Dedicated to "Matt" by his friend : CLAIRE DIXON on June 16, 1998
A whole community was devastated when Matt died. The bright, shining light of his presence shall be forever missed by us all. We will miss you forever and you will always be carried in the hearts and souls of many.
Until we meet again my darling son.
We love you Matt
Mom, Dad and Brodie

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