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Mae Elizabeth Faver
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Mae Elizabeth Faver

Mae Elizabeth Faver

September 13, 1917


October 15, 1978

The years may come and the years may go
To me they just go slow
I miss you mom, more than you will ever know
And in my face this will always show
A silent tear I cry for you
Sometimes it comes out of the blue
I have prayed to God
To help me get by
As I go along missing you
My heart aches for your warm embrace
And the smile you always had upon your face
Your words of wisdom I sure do miss
I still feel upon my cheek
Your sweet and tender goodnight kiss
Now you are in Gods hands
This I do understand
So till we are together again
Know I hold you deep within my heart
For it is there you can never depart
When I come to join you
I know you'll be waiting with open arms
I love you mom, my closest friend
Together we will be till the end

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