Linda J. Zehentner
Linda J. Zehentner
Joseph M. Zientara

Linda J. Zehentner

Linda J. Zehentner

January 3, 1939


August 23, 1998

I miss you deperately...although, I know you're with me. Especially when I need you. I know you're doing wonderful things up there with Jesus.
I long for the day when we will be together again. I'm sorry we didn't get to say good-bye before you had to leave this life. You know you're always in my heart. I feel you when I need you, I really do...thanks for still always being there for me. I feel honored when people say you look like your mom or you're alot like your mom...what a compliment! I miss you so much, mom...and as I write this memorial, in your honor, I shed tears of sadness, not because I'm sorry for you, you are in a beautiful place now and are not ill anymore. But, my sadness is for me because I miss you so.
Until we meet again mom...I love you!

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