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Ken D. Hensel

Ken D. Hensel

January 11, 1948


March 25, 1996

Ken Hensel made his transition on March 25, 1996 at age 48. He lost the battle to Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma after being diagnosed in June of 1995. He was married to Pamela for 15 years, and they produced a son Elliot, age nine.
His twin sister is Paulette, his twin brothers are Jim and Tim, and another brother is Shawn. Ken worked for a Doctor's Clinic the last fifteen years and pursued his love of music as a sideline by playing guitar and singing on occasional week-ends in a country band.
He grew up in Midlothian, Illinois, went to Carbondale College, served in the army, and then played in various bands throughout the 70's. His mother, Phyllis lives in Missouri, and his Father, Don is deceased.

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