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Helen Marie Penick
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Helen Marie Penick

Helen Marie Penick

June 26, 1926


January 3, 1959

I wish I could remember what I used to call you when I was a child, but your death took all those memories away. I have always loved you and think about you every day since you died 39 yrs ago. I do know that you will be waiting for me when I pass thru that light and I cant wait to see you again. Please look for me, You and my mama will be the first persons I hope to see. Then I want to see all my other relatives right away. Tell them all to be there. I am looking forward to it. You would be so proud of me and my son Mike and now his son, Mitchell. Tell Kurt, Mitchell is doing good and we will do everything to keep his memory alive for Mitchell. I love you momma or mommie ???. Please let me know.

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